Who Moved My Pulpit?

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Who Moved My Pulpit?
A Hilarious Look at Ministerial Life

by Brett Younger

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Ministry / Humor
ISBN: 1-57312-428-1

Brief Description

Ministers try so hard to keep everything under control that they often miss the fun of it. When church leaders feel frustrated, there’s a better option than giving up or giving in. They can open their eyes to a new perspective and cultivate a life shaped by Christ’s joy.

Who Moved My Pulpit? is a humorous look at almost everything ministerial. Younger invites us to laugh at the ridiculous and celebrate the holy. This look at everything from pastor search committees (“Does this swimsuit make my hips look big?”) to church answering machines “The Lord be with you, but I’m in a meeting”) is for everyone who wants to remember the love that led them to church in the first place.

About the Author

Brett Younger is the Senior Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, where the pulpit is too heavy to move. He learned lots of what’s ministerial from Baylor University (BA) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD). He and his wife, Carol, live an amusing life with their children, Graham and Caleb.

Table of Contents

Preface—A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pulpit
Introduction—This Isn’t What I Signed Up For
Chapter 1
I’m Not Sure Who’s Calling, but It’s for You
Chapter 2
Exactly Why Did the Last Pastor Leave?
Chapter 3
I Scream Sundays
Chapter 4
Sacred Puppetry
Chapter 5
The Lord Be with You, but I’m in a Meeting
Chapter 6
Eccentric Evangelism, Edifying Education, Mesmerizing Ministry, and Pain-relieving Pastoral Care
Chapter 7
You Make Me Feel So Young
Chapter 8
About Four Seasons
Chapter 9
April’s Fool
Chapter 10
Haloes, Hell, and Hand Towels
Chapter 11
And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt
Audacious Underwear
Study Questions for Small Groups

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