Meditations for Walking

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Meditations for Walking

by J. Lynne Hinton

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Spirituality/Christian Living
ISBN: 1-57312-264-5

Brief Description

Used as a compliment to walking or simply as a guide for faithful living, Meditations for Walking offers fresh insights into the words of Scripture and the discovery of one’s own spiritual path.

During the process of “unbuilding” a path in the woods behind her house, Lynne Hinton uncovers spiritual truths relevant to living a life of faith. Using Scripture, meditations, prayers, and reflections on finding the path, this book offers fifty-two (52) entries to complement the exercise of anyone who walks— literally or spiritually.

Meditations for Walking is divided into four sections that reflect the four seasons. The entire development of a path is covered, from the beginning of finding the right place to start to the final stage of sharing the path with others.

For anyone who enjoys the activity of walking, this book creates possibilities of combining one’s ideas regarding faith and spirituality with the exercise of walking — a way to begin one’s walk in a spirit of devotion and reflection.

About the Author

J. Lynne Hinton is pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ, Asheboro, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Summer: The Beginning
Week 1 “Starting the Path”
Week 2 “Walking In The Midst Of Trouble”
Week 3 ” The Risk Of Creation”
Week 4 “Dwelling In The Vine”
Week 5 “The Source Of Me”
Week 6 “Seeing Dimly”
Week 7 ” The Purses We Carry”
Week 8 “Considering The Lillies Of The Field”
Week 9 “Starting Over Again”
Week 10 “Corners”
Week 11 “Saints And Angels”
Week 12 “Stumbling”
Week 13 “The Changing Of Seasons”

Autumn: The Middle Passage
Week 14 “Make Love Your Aim”
Week 15 “Sharing The Path”
Week 16 “Learning Balance”
Week 17 “Milestones”
Week 18 “The Promise Of God”
Week 19 “Carry Me, Lord”
Week 20 “Walking In The Presence Of God”
Week 21 “Taking Rest”
Week 22 “Abandoned Love”
Week 23 “Bare Feet”
Week 24 “Angels Bearing Gifts”
Week 25 “Walking By Faith”
Week 26 “Be Still”

Winter: Deep Into The Woods
Week 27 “Waiting”
Week 28 “Tiny Steps”
Week 29 “The Life Which Christ Lives In Me”
Week 30 “The Source Of All”
Week 31 “Having Not Yet Reached Perfection”
Week 32 “Trees Clapping Their Hands”
Week 33 “The Tongue Is A Fire”
Week 34 “Do Not Lose Heart”
Week 35 “The Lord Is My Shepherd”
Week 36 “What Is Required?”
Week 37 “Where The Seed Falls”
Week 38 “Streams Of Living Water”
Week 39 “The Root Sustains You”

Spring: Signs Of New Life
Week 40 “The Extra Day”
Week 41 “The Lord is Good”
Week 42 “Taking The Way That Leads To Good”
Week 43 “Not Busying Myself With Great Affairs”
Week 44 “The Source Of Love Is God”
Week 45 “The Art Of Patience”
Week 46 “Walking The Path Of Love”
Week 47 “Joy Comes With The Morning”
Week 48 “Keep Going”
Week 49 “And She Praised God”
Week 50 “The Light Of Life”
Week 51 “The Path Of Life”
Week 52 “Benedictions”

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