Making the Timeless Word Timely

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Making the Timeless Word Timely
A Primer for Preachers

by Michael B. Brown

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Brief Description

“There is a simple formula for sermon preparation that creates messages that apply and engage whether your parish is rural or urban, young or old, rich or poor, five thousand members or fifty,” writes Michael Brown in the preface to Making the Timeless Word Timely. The other part of the task, of course, involves being creative and insightful enough to know how to take the general formula for sermon preparation and make it particular in its impact on a specific congregation. Michael Brown guides the reader through the formula and the skills to employ it with excellence and integrity. He also offers twelve examples of sermons that illustrate the approaches and do indeed “make the timeless Word timely.”

About the Author

Michael B. Brown is Senior Minister of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. A graduate of High Point University and Duke University Divinity School, Dr. Brown received his Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching from Drew Theological Seminary. He is a frequent lecturer and preacher at colleges, universities, and Chautauqua communities across America. A native of Asheboro, North Carolina, Michael Brown is married to the former Page Plummer. The Browns have four children, Adam, Alison, Zachary, and Katharine.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Formula: Engage
Sample Sermon Introductions
Chapter 2: The Formula: Exegete
Sample Sermon Exegeses
Chapter 3: The Formula: Apply
Sample Sermon Applications
Chapter 4: An Exercise: Putting the Principles to Practice
Chapter 5: Style
Do Your Homework
Believe in What You’re Saying
Manage Your Manuscript
People Are Not Engaged by a Sermon That Is Read to Them
There Are Alternatives to Using a Manuscript If You Wish to Try Them
Time Is a Reasonable Consideration
Imagine the Preaching Event from the Standpoint of the Listener
Chapter 6: Models: Examples of Sermons that Engage, Exegete, and Apply
Where You From? (Genesis 28:10-22; John 1:43-51) – Thomas Troeger
Born in Perplexity (Luke 1:26-38) – Lillian Daniel
Build Houses, Plant Gardens (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7; Luke 17:1-19) – Jon M. Walton
A Triangular Faith (Matthew 2:1-12) – Sam Wells
The Tree of Life (Revelation 22:1-2) – Brad Braxton
The True Universal Health Care (Mark 10:46-52) – Susan Sparks
Down by the River (Genesis 32:22-32) – Thomas G. Long
You Are Stronger Than You Think (Judges 6:11-16) – Pablo R. Diaz
Skinny-Dip Sermon (John 21:1-7) – Anna Carter Florence
Attitude Changes Altitude (John 5:1-18) – Mark Craig
Can God Find Us? (Matthew 2:1-12) – Michael B. Brown
Exiting Eden (Genesis 13:1-13, 21-24) – Michael B. Brown

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