Making the Good News Good Again

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Making the Good News Good Again

Recovering the Wonder of the Gospel

by Judson Edwards

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Paperback | 144 Pages

Christian Living
ISBN: 978-1-57312-529-1

Brief Description

In Making the Good News Good Again, Judson Edwards asks questions shared by many longtime Christians: wouldn’t it be great if the Bible fascinated us once again? Wouldn’t we do almost anything to sense the presence of God anew in our lives? Wouldn’t we pay almost anything to get the wonder back?

Wonder is the fuel that keeps Christians going, the element that makes our faith contagious and alive—and it is the greatest need in our churches today. With so many of our spiritual tanks running low, we need to splash around in grace a while and come out laughing and feeling frisky again. Making the Good News Good Again will help readers hear with new ears the sweet, undistilled melody of the gospel.

About the Author

Judson Edwards is the author of nine books, including The Leadership Labyrinth and Hidden Treasures, both published by Smyth & Helwys. A Baptist pastor for more than thirty years, he lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Sherry.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Good News Lost
Chapter 1: Where Did the Good News Go?
Chapter 2: Death by Religion
Chapter 3: Is the Bible Good News or Bad?
Chapter 4: Friendly Fire
Chapter 5: God Is Left-handed
Part 2: The Good News Found
Chapter 6: The Question that Makes All the Difference
Chapter 7: The Two Kinds of Christians
Chapter 8: The Fresh Air Society
Chapter 9: Notes to Church Leaders
Chapter 10: First Things First

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