Making the Church Work

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Making the Church Work
Converting the Church for the 21st Century (2nd edition)

by Edward H. Hammett

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Ministry / Leadership
ISBN: 1-57312-320-X

Brief Description

In the first edition of Making the Church Work, Hammett wrote that the church is not only in need of change, but also in need of a conversion. Now his conviction is stronger than ever. In this second edition, he addresses the issues of changing values— values about what leaders and their congregations are doing as a church and the effectiveness of their techniques. Hammett is convinced that until church leaders change their values, healthy, relevant, and effective churches are not likely to appear.

Unique features of this book include:

  • Overview of trends and issues impacting the church’s ineffectiveness
  • Opportunities for individual readers and small groups, and congregations to reflect on their journey in light of these trends and issues
  • Practical guidance for addressing some problems and for equipping the church for more effective ministry in the 21st century.

About the Author

Edward H. Hammett is the Church & Clergy Coach for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC. He works with churches, judicatories and various denominations, and is an Adjunct Professor at Garder-Webb Divinity School.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Findley B. Edge

Chapter 1
Is the Church Working?
Confessions of the Unchurched
An Institution in Trouble
The Need for Conversion

Chapter 2
Why the Church Isn’t Working
The Unchurched Culture
The Emerging Leadership Void
Changing Family Issues
Lack of Community
Failure to Walk the Talk
Maintenance vs. Mission
Inward Focus vs. Outward Focus
Apathy vs. Activity

Chapter 3
Making the Church of Today Work
Turning Ineffectiveness into Effectiveness
Mirroring God’s Realities
Nurturing the Converted
Producing Healthy Disciples

Chapter 4
Making The Church of Tomorrow Work
From Program Development to Faith Formation
From Church Focus to World Focus
From Success to Effectiveness
From Gathered Church to Scattered Church

Chapter 5
Converting the Church for the 21st Century
The Need for New Wineskins
The Challenge of Future Trends
The Future Church

Needs Assessment
The Stewardship of Life
Activating the Process of Discipleship

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