Leaving Religion, Following Jesus

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Leaving Religion, Following Jesus

by Ronnie McBrayer

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Paperback | 120 pages

Christian Living
ISBN: 978-1-57312-531-4

Brief Description

Leaving Religion, Following Jesus is a book about running after Jesus, about a journey with the Christ—his journey and yours. It is a book about looking and listening to the unexpected. It is a book about opening our eyes, unstopping our ears, and soaking up the gracious wonder that he is, the wonder that surrounds us.

We do not know where Jesus will lead us; we have no idea of the long journey that waits for any of us. But it begins with that first step; that first halting, timid step that puts you on the road away from religion and onward to the Christ.

About the Author

Ronnie McBrayer holds degrees in Christian education and theology. He has been a pastor, chaplain, leader in social justice ministries, and a writer. But the role he enjoys most is being husband to Cindy and father to Blayze, Bryce, and Braden. Ronnie is the author of But God Meant It for Good and Keeping the Faith. He also writes a popular faith-based weekly column for the newspapers of the Freedom Communications group.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Hazardous Journey
Chapter 2: The Greatest Story Ever Told
Chapter 3: Wear Your Religion Like You Wear Your Underwear
Chapter 4: A Fool and His Money
Chapter 5: Whose Side Is God On?
Chapter 6: Who Could Blame Him?
Chapter 7: The Gospel according to Gatorade
Chapter 8: Brides, Birthdays, Baptists, and Born Again
Chapter 9: Leaving Salem
Chapter 10: God Ain’t a Quitter
Chapter 11: Take Off Your Feet
Chapter 12: Imagine
Chapter 13: The Burning Hell
Chapter 14: I Came Back, One Last Time, to Say “Thank You”
Chapter 15: Kyrie Eliason

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