The Jesus Tribe

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The Jesus Tribe

Following Christ in the Land of the Empire

by Ronnie McBrayer

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Paperback | 208 Pages

Inspiration / Discipleship
ISBN: 978-1-57312-592-5

Brief Description

We operate under the notion that America belongs to us Christians and that we belong to it. We believe that preaching the Kingdom of God and rallying around the red, white, and blue are always compatible, but if you are like a growing number of Jesus followers, you’ve had this splinter in your mind for a while now that tells you there is something suspicious about attaching a national flag—any national flag—to the cross.

With the Sermon on the Mount as the constant reference point, The Jesus Tribe fleshes out the implications, possibilities, contradictions, and complexities of what it means to live within the Jesus Tribe and in the shadow of the American Empire.

About the Author

Ronnie McBrayer was born in the foothills of the North Georgia Appalachians and claims he barely survived the fire-and-brimstone, fundamentalist instruction of his hard shell Baptist-raised childhood. But in the great comedy of God, Ronnie has spent his adulthood in Christian ministry, both preaching in and protesting against; both loving and leaving; both running away from and returning to the church. The faith he is trying to keep isn’t in organized religion, however. It is in Jesus. Ronnie is the author of the nationally syndicated newspaper column “Keeping the Faith,” as well as multiple books and publications, including Leaving Religion, Following Jesus. Visit his website at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Three-legged Stool
Chapter 2: Abandon Ship
Chapter 3: The Blessed Community
Chapter 4: A Garden in the Wilderness
Chapter 5: No Rules, Just Right
Chapter 6: Roundabout
Chapter 7: Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Chapter 8: Losing My Religion
Chapter 9: The Best Revenge
Chapter 10: Gotta Serve Somebody
Chapter 11: A Leap of Faith
Chapter 12: Two Moons in His Moccasins
Chapter 13: Asleep in the Storm
Questions for Reflection

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