I’m Trying to Lead…Is Anybody Following?

I'm Trying to Lead...Is Anybody Following?

I’m Trying to Lead…Is Anybody Following?

The Challenge of Congregational Leadership in the Postmodern World

by Charles B. Bugg

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Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1-57312-731-8

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Brief Description

Leadership is a treacherous journey, and only the bravest people book passage for the trip.

In I’m Trying to Lead…Is Anybody Following?, Charles B. Bugg, author of Transformational Leadership, offers ministers and church leaders a roadmap for guiding congregations. Rather than offering the false promise of “seven easy steps,” however, Bugg provides us with a view of leadership that has theological integrity, honors the diversity of church members, and reinforces the brave hearts of church leaders who offer vision and take risks in the service of Christ and the church.

Charles B. Bugg has been pastor of churches in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. In addition, he has served as Interim Pastor in more than 30 churches. Bugg has published 10 books in addition to numerous articles and lessons. Bugg now lives in Georgetown, KY, where he serves as an adjunct professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and Georgetown College.

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