A Hungry Soul Desperate to Taste God’s Grace

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A Hungry Soul Desperate to Taste God’s Grace
Honest Prayers for Life

by Charles Qualls

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Paperback/152 Pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1-57312-648-9

Brief Description

Part of how we see God is determined by how we listen to God. There is so much noise and movement in the world that competes with images of God. This noise would drown out God’s beckoning voice and distract us. We may not sense what spiritual directors refer to as the thin place—God come near. Charles Qualls’s A Hungry Soul Desperate to Taste God’s Grace: Honest Prayers for Life offers readers prayers for that journey toward the meaning and mystery of God.

About the Author

Charles Qualls is the Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, his Master of Divinity degree in Family Ministry/Christian Education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry degree from Mercer University.

Table of Contents

1. When a Word Is Spoken
2. About Tomorrow
3. A Prayer of Blessing for the Healing Hands
4. Alone in a Crowd
5. The Impossible Call
6. Reeling in Rainbows
7. I Know My Heart; Help Me to Know Yours
8. A Hungry Soul
9. Inclusion
10. The Crush of Responsibility
11. Standing on the Outside Looking In
12. Finishing the Race We Have Been Given
13. Who Is Jesus?
14. Would Jesus Get the Job?
15. I Can Be Loved
16. Follow Me and I Will Make You Fish for People
17. The Perfect Church
18. Unless You Come unto Me as These
19. Exhilaration Gives Way to the Routine
20. Trying to Make the Unhappy Happy
21. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
22. Now—and Then—You Are There
23. Why Did You Call Me, Lord?
24. I Tried to Say “Thanks”
25. We’ve Learned to Lust (But We Don’t Know
How to Love)
26. Talk Less, Say More
27. If I Could Be Anything In the World
28. Slowly Making Our Way to Faith
29. The Voice of God Like a Dove
30. The Church We Don’t Have
31. The Good Gifts God Has Given
32. A Voice Above Them All
33. Help Me to Be Grateful
34. When We Preach
35. We Wish to See Jesus
36. And He Passed Right through Them
37. Wise As Serpents and Innocent as Doves
38. He Told Me Everything I Ever Did
39. We Must Preach (Because the World Lies)
40. Standing on Broad Shoulders

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