Heart Prayers

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Heart Prayers
Poems, Prayers, & Meditations

by Peggy Haymes

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Paperback/96 Pages

Devotion / Inspiration
ISBN: 1-57312-097-9

Brief Description

Heart Prayers is a collection of meditations, poems, and prayers for anyone searching for words of hope and inspiration during a difficult time. Peggy Haymes is a talented author and speaker who has a flare for writing emotionally-captivating devotional pieces. These prayers will be a handy pocket-guide reference for anyone needing a few heartfelt words immediately.

About the Author

Peggy Haymes is an author and minister living in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is the author of Be Thou Present: Prayers, Litanies, and Hymns for Christian Worship and co-editor of A Season for Singles: Selected Meditations.

Table of Contents

Places Along the Way
1. I Want to Be the Woman
2. Blackout
3. Kairos
4. Being Still
5. Fear
6. Perfect Moments
7. Tears
8. For Now
9. My Never-Broom
10. Control
11. Your Promises, Lord
12. Speaking
13. Wrong Side of the Bed
14. How Can It Be, Lord?
15. Prove Me
16. Loving Self and Neighbor
17. Interruptions
18. For a Moment, Lord, I Felt It
19. I Wanted Water
20. I Expect So Much of Myself, Lord
21. I Was Angry Last Night
22. Sometimes, Lord, I Get Impatient
23. I’m Tired, Lord
24. Creating
Traveling Companions
25. Hammering Down
26. Waiting Rooms
27. Retreat
28. She Was Dying
29. Gifts
30. Checking Our Bags
31. The Bad Kids
32. My Heart Breaks for Her
33. “Will Work for Food”
34. Children
35. The Keepers of Our Histories
36. What Do You Say to Them, Lord?
37. Breakfast with a Friend
38. The Church Thy Laughs Together
39. Passionate People
Packing Well
40. Yard Shoes
41. Home
42. Laughter
43. Work
44. First Snowfall
45. Children’s Books
46. Nothing to Wear
47. Candlelight
48. The Tract
49. Leaves and Letting Go
50. Dancing
51. For Simple Things

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