The Green Earth Challenge

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The Green Earth Challenge

Integrating Faith & the Environment

by Winnie Williams

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ISBN: 978-1-57312-522-2

Brief Description

Part travelogue, part hymn of praise, and part environmental primer, The Green Earth Challenge will change the way you view the planet, your faith, and your role as a steward of God’s creation. Winnie Williams has been fortunate to see many of the world’s natural wonders and offers a passionate, biblically-based argument for protecting and preserving our natural resources. She also describes our worldwide energy challenges and offers practical advice for reevaluating our personal, national, and global behavior. Reading The Green Earth Challenge will awaken your gratitude for nature’s miracles and inspire your resolve to preserve them for future generations.

About the Author

Winnie Williams is a retired associate professor from Southern Wesleyan University, Central, South Carolina. She received her undergraduate degree from Mississippi College and graduate degrees from New Orleans Theological Seminary and Clemson University. Prior to teaching at the University level she was a counselor and psychologist. Winnie is the author of two books related to the marginalization of women in developing countries. She draws on her travels to more than fifty countries to write books and newspaper and magazine articles. She is a frequent speaker for retreats, churches, and civic groups. Winnie and her husband, Woodie, reside in Clemson, South Carolina.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Biblical Basis for Honoring the Earth
The Wonders of God’s World
Mountains Symbolizing God’s Dominion
The Mysteries of Nature

Chapter 2: This Land of Ours: Climate Change
Defining Global Warming
Effects of Global Warming
The Moral Challenge

Chapter 3: This Land of Ours: The Flora
God’s Green Bible
Plants and Trees of the Forest
The Land and the Marshes
Earth Justice

Chapter 4: This Land of Ours: The Fauna
God Honors Animals
Endangered Species
Birds Leaving Their Nests
Our Responsibility to the Fauna

Chapter 5: This Land of Ours: Aquatic Life and Clean Water
Scriptural View of Living Water
A Thirst for Clean Water
Insulating Aquatic Creatures
Fishing for Answers

Chapter 6: This Land of Ours: The Energy Crisis
Depleting our Resources
Sources of Energy
A Vision for Energy
Environmental Ponderings

Chapter 7: Making Green Footprints
Ways to Promote Creation Care
A Parable of the Wounded Earth

Appendix 1: Websites Promoting a Healthier Environment
Appendix 2: Books Related to Saving the Environment
Appendix 3: Videos and Films on Creation Care

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