The Gathered and Scattered Church

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The Gathered and Scattered Church
Equipping Believers for the 21st Century

by Edward H. Hammett
foreword by Loren Mead

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Brief Description

Secularization is at the threshold of every church because it is in most Christian households. There is more to Christianity than attending church and serving on church committees. In a secular age, ministry by Christians in the daily world is as significant as their ministry inside the church walls.

Hammett takes seriously the issue that we are now living and serving in a secular culture. The message of Christ can penetrate the world when Christians learn to be and do church, both inside and outside the walls of the church. He offers suggestions about understanding, activating, and evaluating the church and how we can equip believers for effective ministry in the 21st century.

Church leaders struggle to find effectiveness, fulfillment, and relevancy in this changing world. Hammett recognizes these challenges and offers opportunities for reframing ministry. He provides a guiding light toward success in seeking to share Christ in a secular age.

About the Author

Edward H. Hammett is the Church & Clergy Coach for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC. He works with churches, judicatories and various denominations, and is an Adjunct Professor at Garder-Webb Divinity School.

Table of Contents

Foreword – Loren B. Mead
Can Our Kind of Church Save Our Kind of World? – Findley B. Edge

Chapter 1
Struggling for the Soul of the Church

Diagnosing the Struggle
Reacting to the Struggle

Chapter 2
Understanding the Scattered Church

Clarifying the Mission of the Church
Becoming the Church in the World
Breaking the Mold
Defining the Scattered Church
Ignoring the Scattered Church
Developing a Biblical Concept of Ministry

Chapter 3
Activating the Scattered Church

Redefining Church Membership
Challenging the Gathered Church
Evaluating the Gathered Church
Enlisting the Scattered Church

Chapter 4
Equipping the Scattered Church

Building Community
Discipling Busy Adults
Reorienting Clergy and Laity
Ministering in the World

Chapter 5
Birthing a New Church for the 21st Century

School of Christian Ministry Course Outline
Suggested Reading
Audio/Visual Aid

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