Between the Gates

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Between the Gates

Helpful Words from Where Scripture Meets Life

by Charles E. Poole

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Paperback | 120 Pages

Spirituality / Christian Living
ISBN: 1-57312-465-6


100% of this book’s royalties goes to support the LifeShare Foundation to meet unmet needs of Mississippi’s most at-risk and underprivileged children.

Brief Description

Early in the scriptural record, Adam and Eve find themselves cast out through the gates at the Garden of Eden. In the Book of Revelation, Christians are promised entry through the gates into the New Jerusalem. Chuck Poole’s many readers know him to be one who speaks to the truth of grace-filled living through the struggles of this world. As with Beyond the Broken Lights and Don’t Cry Past Tuesday, Poole’s latest book will both challenge and comfort as you consider this journey we travel “between the gates.”

About the Author

Charles E. Poole has touched thousands of lives as an author and minister. His following is increasing because of his talent for finding perfect, healing words when people need them the most. He is the author of several best-selling titles for Smyth & Helwys, including Beyond the Broken Lights, Don’t Cry Past Tuesday, Is Life Fair? and The Tug of Home. He has also served churches in Mississippi, Washington, D.C., Georgia and North Carolina. He is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mercer University, and Macon College. He and his wife, Marcia, have two children, Joshua and Maria.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Adjusting
Chapter 2: On Praying Through
Chapter 3: Through the Valley
Chapter 4: From Suffering
Chapter 5: From Agony to Memory to Story
Chapter 6: The Palm Sunday Principle
Chapter 7: At the Annual Easter Dance
Chapter 8: A Little Easter Footnote
Chapter 9: The Nearest Thing to a Clean Slate
Chapter 10: Do Not Try This at Home
Chapter 11: Will the Cycle Be Unbroken?
Chapter 12: Unfinished Business
Chapter 13: Who’s In? Who’s Out?
Chapter 14: Go and Learn What this Means
Chapter 15: A Modest Proposal for Daily Prayer
Chapter 16: Which Christ Is King?
Chapter 17: Joseph Chose the Dream
Chapter 18: The Other Half
Chapter 19: Still Surprising
Chapter 20: The Biggest Verse of All
Chapter 21: We Ordain Women Because We Baptize Girls
Chapter 22: No Full End
Chapter 23: . . . And the Gates Never Close
Chapter 24: Glad to Be Wrong

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