Finding My Way Home

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Finding My Way Home

A Christian Life in Communist China

by Nettie Ma with Kenneth Chatlos

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Paperback | 256 Pages

Biblical Studies
ISBN: 1-57312-431-1

Brief Description

“When I was a young girl, my parents warned me never to record my story with black ink on white paper.” So begins Finding My Way Home, the story of one Chinese Christian girl in an age of great change for a great nation. Nettie Ma chronicles the trials and tribulations she faced, including the Japanese occupation of China, China’s own civil war, and Chairman Mao’s Communist Cultural Revolution of re-education, brainwashing, and imprisonment. Her journey has been far from straight and smooth, but she writes, “when I have looked up, God has given me eyes to see.”

From the conversion of her grandfather in China by an American missionary to her immigration to the United States, Nettie Ma traces her Christian journey through the valleys and peaks that have ultimately led her home. She now captures this journey with black ink on white paper for all to read.

About the Author

Nettie Ma is an instructor in orchestra and harp at William Jewell College. She received her B.A. in harp performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and her M.M.E. and Ph.D. in music education from North Texas State University. She has performed as Soloist and First Harpist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Zhejiang Province in China and as Harpist of the Liberty Symphony. She is a member of Second Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri.

Kenneth Chatlos is Oxbridge Professor and Chair of the Department of History at William Jewell College. He is a member of Second Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Exiles in the Interior, 1942–1945
Chapter 2: Life During Our Civil War, 1945–1949
Chapter 3: Education and Re-education, 1949–1953
Chapter 4: New Directions in School, 1953–1961
Chapter 5: A Communist College Education, 1961–1965
Chapter 6: A Budding Romance Amidst the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, 1965–1966
Chapter 7: On the Road for the Revolution, 1967–1968
Chapter 8: Re-education on a Military Farm in Rural Jiangsu, 1968–1970
Chapter 9: Political Realities and the Birth of a Child, 1970–1974
Chapter 10: The Last Train, 1974–1980
Chapter 11: Open Door to the United States, 1980–1984
Chapter 12: “A Time to Sow, a Time to Weep,” 1984–1986
Chapter 13: Adoption or Expatriation, 1986–1990
Chapter 14: Green Pastures, 1990–1991
Epilogue: Comfortably at Home

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