Faith Postures

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Faith Postures

Cultivating Christian Mindfulness

by Holly Sprink

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Paperback | 160 Pages

Christian Living
ISBN: 978-1-57312-547-5

Brief Description

What have you noticed today?

A life of faith is not something we float through on a cloud unaware; it is the mindful process of letting God change us, letting him develop our spiritual sensitivity toward the things of God and his kingdom.

In Faith Postures, Holly Sprink describes a two-fold journey—first, we must notice the kingdom of God. How is God’s kingdom arriving in our world right now? Are we proclaiming the difference it makes in our everyday lives? Second, we must allow Christ to realign us, to adjust and transform us into living examples of his wholeness. We take up residence in this kingdom by letting him redirect our attitudes toward life and health in him.

Sprink guides readers through a growing awareness of God’s desire for relationship and of the emotional and spiritual postures that enable us to learn to be still, to listen, and to be mindful—not only of ourselves, but of the One outside ourselves. In developing the art of noticing and practicing the postures of our faith in God, we begin to realize the spiritual health we yearn for.

About the Author

Holly Sprink received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Baylor University and a Master of Divinity from George W. Truett Theological Seminary. She loves writing and the adventure of life with her husband, Matt; her daughter, Lucy, who is 4; and her son Simon Mikias, who is almost 2 and was recently adopted from Ethiopia. The Sprink family is at home in Blue Springs, Missouri. This is Holly’s first book.

Table of Contents

Part I: Learning the Art
1. Noticing and Responding
2. Noticing Our (God-repaired) Selves
3. Noticing God’s Reality
4. Noticing Immanuel
5. Noticing the Advocate
6. Noticing When We Obstruct Christ
7. Noticing World Family

Part II: Realignment
1. The Posture of Creative Responsibility
2. The Posture of Expectancy in Worship
3. The Posture of Coping . . . and Hoping
4. The Posture of Hospitality: The Interpersonal Level
5. The Posture of Hospitality: The Corporate Level
6. The Posture of Contentment
7. The Posture of Peacemaking
8. The Posture of Sharing
9. The Posture of Tolerance
10. Conclusion: The Posture of Love

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