Drama Ministry

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Drama Ministry
A Guidebook

by Nancy Backues, Kerry Beaman & Wendy Briggs

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Ministry / Family Life
ISBN-13: 978-1-57312-490-4

Brief Description

Drama Ministry: A Guidebook is a one-stop manual for starting, directing, and managing a drama ministry. Lay leaders who have no formal drama training will glean from the authors 25+ years of drama training and experience. Even those leaders who are experienced in drama will benefit from the practical insights in managing and leading a team, including how to organize a practice and how to ensure team members regularly attend rehearsals and memorize their lines. In addition to drama technique, you will also gain valuable leadership tools for managing your ministry. Ten original sketches are also included to get you started.

About the Authors

Nancy Backues has over fifteen years of experience in church drama ministry during which time she has directed groups that have ministered in weekly services, monthly outreaches, and special traveling ministries. She has conducted numerous workshops on drama ministry and leadership training. Nancy lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband, Steve, and daughter, Olivia.

Kerry Beaman has been involved in practically every area of drama ministry in her almost twenty years of ministry experience. She has directed over thirty major productions, led drama groups of all ages, and conducted workshops in drama technique and directing basics. Kerry lives in Republic, Missouri, with her husband, Ron, and children, Devon and Kendall.

Wendy Briggs has written for drama productions for more than twelve years, has served as costume designer for several major productions, and has extensive directing experience from small sketches to traveling drama groups. She has conducted workshops in script writing, script adaptation, and directing basics. Wendy lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband, Jay, and daughter, Inara.

Table of Contents


Section 1: Getting Started
1. Purpose and Vision
2. Selecting the Team
3. Becoming a Leader
4. Selecting Team Leadership

Section 2: Training the Team
5. Developing a Team
6. Teaching Acting Basics
7. Teaching Blocking
8. Drama Games and Exercises

Section 3: Managing the Team
9. Discipleship
10. Organizing Rehearsals
11. Running Rehearsals
12. Assigning Roles

Section 4: Directing the Team
13. Choosing and Adapting Scripts
14. From Script to Stage
15. Human Video
16. Directing Actors with Special Needs

Section 5: Directing Large Productions
17. Musicals and Major Productions
18. Drama as Fundraisers
19. Drama as Outreach

Section 6: Tips and Tricks of the Trade
20. Costumes and Props
21. Makeup
22. Lighting
23. Stagecraft

Section 7: Sketches
Christian Living
Just for Fun

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