Common-Sense Church Growth

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Common-Sense Church Growth

by Howard K. Batson

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Church Growth / Church Life
ISBN: 1-57312-179-7

Brief Description

Church growth is not something that occurs only in churches that compromise the integrity of faithful theology and meaningful worship. Rather, churches that are seeking to reach more people for God’s kingdom ought also to grow. Common-Sense Church Growth provides a practical approach to principles that can be employed by congregations to foster church growth.

Ideal for the busy pastor who is looking for new material that will help his/her congregation to flourish, Batson introduces ten (10) principles that will provide guidance to churches that seek to achieve church growth with integrity. These include:

  • Create a positive self-image
  • Establish a healthy pastoral ministry
  • Build a exemplary staff
  • Avoid using gimmicks
  • Recognizing children and youth as decision makers
  • Develop programs that meet needs
  • Treat everyone as valued persons

About the Author

Howard K. Batson is pastor of First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas. He has used his principles of church growth successfully in both a medium and a mega-sized congregation.

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