From Our Christian Heritage

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From Our Christian Heritage
Hundreds of Ways to Add Christian History to Teaching, Preaching, and Writing

C. Douglas Weaver, editor

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History/Church History
ISBN: 1-57312-154-1

Brief Description

Weaver has retrieved from obscurity the rich treasures of Christian tradition from the 1st through 20th centuries and made them meaningfully accessible for preachers, teachers, worship and study leaders, students, devotional readers, and persons interested in the history of the church. Thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced by Article, Scripture, Person, Contributor, Topic, and Time Period, these handy illustrations help your teaching mine the depths of Christian history.

About the Author

C. Douglas Weaver holds the Barney Averitt Chair of Christianity and was, at the time of publication, chairman of the Division of Religious and Philosophical Studies at Brewton-Parker College. A graduate of Mississippi College (B.A.) and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.; Ph.D.), he has taught church history at Bluefield College in Virginia.

Table of Contents


First Century
001 John
002 Nero
003 Peter
004 Thomas

Second Century
101 Apocryphal Gospels
102 Aristides
103 Didache
104 Epistle to Diognetus
105A-C Ignatius
106 Jews and Early Christians
107A-B Justin Martyr
108 Pliny
109 Polycarp

Third Century
201A-B Clement
202A-C Cyprian
203 Gregory Thaumaturgus
204 Lactantius
205 Lord’s Prayer in Early Christianity
206 Origen
207 Peace and War in Early Christianity
208A-C Perpetua and Felicitas
209 Tertullian

Fourth Century
301A-B Ambrose
302A-B Anthony
303 Anthusa
304 Basil
305A-D John Chrysostom
306 Constantine
307A-B Diocletian
308A-K Egyptian Desert Monks
309 Eusebius and King Agbar
310 Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
311A-C Jerome
312 Julian
313 Macrina
314A-C Martin of Tours
315A-B Monica
316A-B Olympias
317 Paula

Fifth Century
401A-O Augustine
402 Cyril
403 Salvian the Presbyter
404 St. Patrick

Sixth Century
501 Columba of Iona
502A-D Gregory I

Seventh Century
601 Bathidis
602 Hilda of Whitby

Eighth Century
701 Boniface
702 Lioba

Tenth Century
901 William of Aquitaine

Eleventh Century
1001 Henry III
1002 Muretus
1003 Papal Decline
1004A-B Theodosius

Twelfth Century
1101A-C Bernard of Clairvaux
1102 Waldensians

Thirteenth Century
1201 Thomas Aquinas
1202 Clare of Assisi
1203A-O Francis of Assisi
1204 Kublai Khan
1205A-C Raymond Lull
1206 St. Mary of Bethlehem Hospital

Fourteenth Century
1301 Black Death
1302 Brigit of Sweden
1303 Catherine of Siena
1304A-B Meister Eckhart
1305 Julian of Norwich
1306 John Wycliffe

Fifteenth Century
1401 Thomas a Kempis
1402A-B Michelangelo
1403 St. Patrick’s Cathedral
1404 Savanorola
1405 Leonardo da Vinci

Sixteenth Century
1501 Anabaptists and the Bible
1502 Anabaptists and the Lord’s Supper
1503 Anabaptists and the Munster Rebellion
1504 Hans Bret
1505A-B John Calvin
1506 Thomas Cranmer
1507 Hans Denck
1508 Desiderius Erasmus
1509 Balthasar Hubmaier
1510A-B Hugh Latimer
1511A-R Martin Luther
1512 Felix Manz
1513 Michael Sattler
1514A-E Menno Simons
1515 William Tyndale
1516 Maeyken Wens
1517A-B Ulrich Zwingli

Seventeenth Century
1601 Baptist of England
1602 Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection
1603A-B John Bunyan
1604 Herny Dunster
1605 Mary Dyer
1606 George Fox
1607 Dorothy Hazzard
1608A-B Thomas Helwys
1609 Obadiah Holmes
1610 Anne Hutchinson
1611 Elias Keach
1612 Antonio Ruiz de Montoya
1613A-B William Penn
1614A-B Pilgrim Fathers
1615 Seventeenth-Century Martyrs
1616 John Smyth and Thomas Helwys
1617A-E Roger Williams

Eighteenth Century
1701 Francis Asbury
1702 Baptists and Religious Liberty
1703 Dorothy Carey
1704A-E William Carey
1705 Sarah Crosby
1706A-C Jonathan Edwards
1707 French Revolution
1708 Andrew Fuller
1709 Richard Furman
1710 John Gano
1711 John Gill
1712A-C George Frideric Handel
1713 James Ireland
1714 John Leland
1715 Daniel Marshall
1716A-B Cotton Mather
1717 John Newton
1718 Quakers
1719 John Sutcliff
1720A-H John Wesley
1721 Susanna Wesly
1722A-E George Whitefield
1723 John Witherspoon
1724A-B John Woolman
1725A-B Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

Nineteenth Century
1801A-C African-American Slavery
1802 Harriet Baker
1803 Clara Barton
1804 Lyman Beecher
1805A-B Catherine Mumford Booth
1806A-C William Booth
1807 James Pettigru Boyce
1808A-C John A. Broadus
1809A-E Phillips Brooks
1810 R.C. Buckner
1811 Amy Carmichael
1812A-B B.H. Carroll
1813 Peter Cartwright
1814A-B Civil War
1815 Russell H. Conwell
1816 William Crane
1817 Alexander Duff
1818 Emancipation of Slavery in England
1819 Evangelical Feminism
1820A-B Mina S. Everett
1821 Father Damian
1822A-J Charles G. Finney
1823A-B Frontier Religion
1824 Washington Gladden
1825 Sam Houston
1826 William B. Johnson
1827A-C Ann and Adoniram Judson
1828 Ann Hasseltine Judson
1829 Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
1830A-CAbraham Lincoln
1831 Elijah Lovejoy
1832 Alexander Mackay
1833 Geroge Matheson
1834 Millennialism
1835A-C Dwight L. Moody
1836A-B Lottie Moon
1837 G. Campbell Morgan
1838 Z.N. Morrell
1839 Johann Gerhard Oncken
1840 Order of the Iron Cross
1841 Daniel Parker
1842 A-B Walter Rauschenbusch
1845 Shakers
1846 Amanda Smith
1847 A-C Sojourner Truth
1848 Southern Baptist Convention
1849 A-D Southern Religion
1850 Horation G. Spafford
1851 A-E Charles Haddon Spurgeon
1852 A-B Elizabeth Cady Stanton
1853 Calvin Stowe
1854 A-E Billy Sunday
1855 James B. Taylor
1856 Emily Tubman
1857 Harriet Tubman
1858 Mary Webb
1859 Lucinda Williams
1860 Brigham Young

Twentieth Century
1901 A-C Theodore Adams
1902 A-E American Culture
1903 Baptists and Adolf Hitler
1904 A-E Karl Barth
1905 A-H Dietrich Bonhoffer
1906 A-C Corrie ten boom
1907 Thea Bowman
1908 William Marrion Branham
1909 Emil Brunner
1910 Frederick Buechner
1911 A-C Nannie Helen Burroughs
1912 A-I Will Campbell
1913 Christ of the Andes
1914 Ethiopian Christians
1915 A-D Harry Emerson Fosdick
1916A-B Millard Fuller
1917 Billy Graham
1918 E. Glenn Hinson
1919 Donald P. Hustad
1920A-B Pope John XXIII
1921 Jim Jones
1922A-M Clarence Jordan
1923A-F Martin Luther King, Jr.
1924 Bill J. Leonard
1925 Eric Liddell
1926 Malcolm X
1927A-B Carlyle Marne
1928 J.C. Massee
1929 Thomas Merton
1930 Helen Barrett and William Montgomer
1931A-B E.Y. Mullins
1932 Reinhold Niebuhr
1933A-C Martin Niemoller
1934 Frank J. Norris
1935 A-E Wayne E. Oates
1936 A-B Sam Oni
1937 Norman Vincent Peale
1938 Oral Roberts
1939 L.R. Scarborough
1940A-C Albert Schweitzer
1941 Fulton J. Sheen
1942 Fred Shuttlesworth
1943 Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Birmingham
1944 Alexander Solzhenitsyn
1945 Mrs. Charles Jones Soong
1946 A-E Southern Religion
1947 Francis Spellman
1948 A-D Douglas V. Steere
1949 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
1950 A-E Mother Teresa
1951 Theophane the Monk
1952 James Mills Thoburn
1953 Howard Thurman
1954 Paul Tillich
1955 George W. Truett
1956 A-B Desmond Tutu
1957 Georgi Vins
1958 James O. Weaver
1959 Benjamin Weir
1960 World War I
1961 A-B World War II


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