A Christian Educator’s Book of Lists

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A Christian Educator’s Book of Lists

by Israel Galindo

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Ministry / Leadership
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Brief Description

A Christian Educator’s Book of Lists is a manual of basic information that every Christian educator and teacher should have on hand. At the heart of this book is the desire to make available to churches and their leaders a handbook of basic, practical information for effective Christian education. Part basic encyclopedia, part trivia resource, part practical “how to” compilations, part teaching manual, and part general knowledge index, the book is a handy reference manual for Christian educators and teachers. It’s everything you need to know about Christian education but didn’t know where to find.

About the Author

Israel Galindo is Professor of Christian Education at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. A popular conference and seminar leader, he is the author of several other books, including The Tree of All Hearts (Smyth & Helwys, 2000). He is Executive Director of Educational Consultants, Inc. and serves on the faculty of Leadership in Ministry Workshops. He is married to Barbara and had two sons, Douglas and Thomas.

Table of Contents


Administrative Functions of a Christian Educator
Administrative Meeting Agenda
Blunders, Common Administrative
Church Governance, Types of
Church Growth
Conflicts, Types of Church
Congregations, Life Stages of
Families, Life Stages of
Functions of a Church
Group Problem-Solving Process
Group Process Functions
Hiring Staff
Leadership Styles
Management Process
Office Forms to Have On-Hand
Operating Documents for the Church
Organization, Principles of
Planning, Principles of
Time-Wasters to Avoid

Bible and History
Chronology, Bible Events
Chronology, Historical
English Bible Translations Timeline
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Jewish Calendar Months
Jewish Canon
Jewish Holy Days, Feasts, Fasts, and Festivals
Judaism, Branches and Groups
Measures & Equivalents, Biblical
Membership of Major Religions
Monetary Equivalents, Biblical
New Testament Books Chronology
Political Dynasties of the Intertestamental Era
Prophets and Their Ministries
Roman Emperors of the New Testament Era
Seder, Questions Asked at
Seven Last Words of Christ
Stations of the Cross
Ten Commandments
Ten Plagues of Egypt
Three Temples of Jerusalem
Twelve Disciples
Twelve Tribes of Israel

Books, Journals, and Resources
Bible Versions, Best-Selling
Books Every Christian Educator Should Own
Christian Publishers
Journals and Periodicals for the Christian Educator
Questions for Evaluating Curriculum Resources

Educational Foundations
Curriculum Development, Models of
Influential Educational Theorists
Influential Twentieth-Century Christian Educators
Philosophical Influences on Christian Education
Philosophy, Branches of
Principles of Development
Principles of Learning
Principles of Teaching and Learning

Personal Growth and Professional Survival
Breaking Out of a Rut, Steps for
Canaday’s “Ministry Tidbits”
Conflict, Ineffective Ways of Dealing with
Dysfunctional Senior Pastor, Ways to Handle
Dysfunctional Staff Colleagues, Ways to Handle
Enlistment, Steps for Effective
Enneagram Types
First Year on the Job, Things to Do on the
Functions of a Christian Educator
Leaving a Place of Ministry
Listening, Characteristics of Effective
Meetings, Leading Effective
Meyers-Briggs Personality Types
Networking Strategies
Personal Growth for the Educator, Dimensions of
Phrases You Should Never Use around Church Members
Presentations, Tips for Creative
Support Groups, What to Look for in
Work Habits, Effective
Writing Advice

Children’s Musicals, Current Popular
Church Programs, Effective
Congregational Program Areas
Enlisting Workers and Teachers, Steps to
New Programs, Steps to Developing
Retreats, Steps to Leading

Teaching and Instruction
Attitudes and Values, Elements for Teaching
Body Language
Childhood ADD/ADHD, Typical Symptoms of
Concepts and Generalizations, Steps for Teaching
Critical Thinking
Effective Explanations, Methods for
Factual Information, Methods for Teaching
Group Numbers
Learner Retention
Physical and Manipulative Skills, Steps for Teaching
Ruining Your Lesson, Steps to
Stages of Learning
Teaching Methods
Terms to Avoid When Teaching

Tools of the Trade
Budgeting Guidelines
Copyright Myths
Dewey Decimal Classification for Christian Education
HTML Codes for Web Page Design

Canonical Hours
Christian Church Year
Denominations in the US
Five Cardinal Virtues
Five Points of Calvinism
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Roman Catholic Sacraments
Seven Spiritual Works
Seven Works of Mercy
Stages of Grief
Symbols of Christianity
Wedding/Anniversary Years and Gifts


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