Bottom Line Beliefs

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Bottom Line Beliefs

Twelve Doctrines All Christians Hold in Common (Sort of)

by Michael B. Brown

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ISBN: 978-1-57312-520-8

Brief Description

On Sunday morning wherever you worship, the odds are strong that you occupy a pew with other members of your own congregation who disagree with you about subjects varying from the Virgin Birth to the sacraments to whether or not the Bible is the literal or the inspired, poetic word of God. In one’s own house of faith, people are seldom of a single mind.

Despite such differences, there are principles—God as Creator, the centrality of Jesus, grace, and sacraments, to name just a few—that are bedrock to the Christian faith, and these are the subject of Michael Brown’s Bottom Line Beliefs.

Though individual denominations, congregations, and Christians may argue about how to interpret particular doctrines, all Christians accept and affirm some interpretation of them as central and vital to the practice of the faith. About each of these principles we say, “I believe in that. It is dear to me. It is nonnegotiable. It is indispensable to my faith.” Though we may differ on the nuances of each of these doctrines, we still confess that they are central to our understanding of Christianity. They are the bottom line beliefs that form the body of our shared Christianity.

About the Author

Michael Brown is the new voice at one of America’s oldest existing local congregations, Marble Collegiate Church of New York City (established 1628). In 2009, Dr. Brown became only the third Senior Minister at that church in the past seventy-seven years. Following Norman Vincent Peale (The Power Of Positive Thinking) and Arthur Caliandro (Simple Faith on the Hallmark Channel), he maintains a commitment to making theological truths plain and accessible to a national audience. Before his move to Marble Church, Dr. Brown was the pastor of Centenary United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: God as Creator
Chapter 2: The Centrality of Jesus
Chapter 3: Jesus’ Resurrection
Chapter 4: The Holy Spirit
Chapter 5: The Doctrine of the Trinity
Chapter 6: The Role of Scripture
Chapter 7: The Necessity of Grace
Chapter 8: Discipleship as a Response to Grace
Chapter 9: The Life of Prayer and Meditation
Chapter 10: Sacraments
Chapter 11: Ecclesiology
Chapter 12: Life after Death

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