Worship: A Symphony for the Senses Vol. 2

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Worship: A Symphony for the Senses
Vol. 2 – Annotated Orders of Worship

by C. Welton Gaddy & Donald W. Nixon

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ISBN: 1-57312-199-1

Brief Description

Worship: A Symphony for the Senses is a three-volume series that presents Christian worship as an encounter to be experienced by the entire person — heart, mind, and all the senses. Few resources for worship bring together all these dimensions of a corporate service — a quality that makes this series invaluable for anyone involved in worship planning or the study of the theology and philosophy of worship.

The authors in this second volume of Worship: Symphony for the Senses series present fully annotated orders of worship for the seasons of the Christian year. Also included are special worship opportunities presented by the civil calendar and ministry emphases within local congregations. Materials on each service include:

  • An introduction explaining the importance of this particular worship event in the life of a congregation and on the liturgical calendar
  • Information on the theme, proper mood, and general objectives of the service
  • Suggestions for floral and fabric designs and other artistic elements such as drama and dance
  • Recommended readings from the Scripture
  • Liturgical materials such as call to worship, prayers, and litanies, and music selections for instruments, choirs, and congregat• ions
  • Notes on transitions between various acts of worship and a sermon title and brief description of its content

About the Author

C. Welton Gaddy serves as the Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation in Washington, DC. He is a popular speaker on worship and faith and public life and is the author of several books on worship.

Donald W. Nixon is Minister of the Arts of Willow Meadows Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He lectures on the visual arts in worship and serves as a creative consultant in floral artistry.

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