O Come, Let Us Bow Down and Worship

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O Come, Let Us Bow Down and Worship
A Spiritual Guide for Leadership

by Deborah Moore Clark

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Brief Description

A look in any city’s phone book not only will show a wide range of church denominations and fellowships, but also a variety of worship styles. What is the same for each, however, is the centrality of worship in the life of a church.

O Come, Let Us Bow Down and Worship asks and answers this question “Why worship?” Scriptural models for worship suggest implications for building or revitalizing worship services which address contemporary cultural issues, a church’s essential style, and the basic theology of worship. Numerous practical worship reforms are presented, including the principle of planning and the organization of the creative process. Deborah Moore Clark’s insights will prove to be an essential ingredient to any church which hopes to bring meaning and vitality to the practice of worship.

About the Author

Deborah Moore Clark is an ordained minister who worships with the Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC, where she serves as a liturgist, deacon and Bible study leader. Vocationally, Deborah is active as a freelance musician, writer and public speaker.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Worship?
Chapter 2 – Scriptural Models for Worship
Chapter 3 – What Is Worship? Characteristics and Descriptions
Chapter 4 – Worship Is Not
Chapter 5 – Components of Christian Worship
Chapter 6 – Inclusive Language, Inclusive Worship
Chapter 7 – A Matter of Style
Chapter 8 – Worship Reform—How?
Chapter 9 – The Planning Process
Chapter 10 – A Team Approach to Planning
Chapter 11 – The Consequences of Authentic Worship
Appendix 1 – Sources and Authors of Marginal Quotations
Appendix 2 – Recommended Reading

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