Not Just by the Numbers

Building Blocks_xlAdults learn every day. Yet, we often make Sunday school so boring that adults quit coming. Adults desire stimulating learning approaches that challenge them to think and engaging opportunities for deepening fellowship and growing relationships. Adults also need time to reflect and apply biblical truth to life. How are you doing in your adult class?

Here are few things to consider as you prepare each week.

1) Activity – While lecture is one good approach to teaching adults, there a many more effective approaches to teaching. Adults need sensory stimulation, active learning, a comfortable environment, and a variety of teaching methods. Involve the adults in the sharing of the learning experience. Adult learning is exciting!

2) Relationships – Adults enjoy learning from one another. Adults are inspired and motivated by interaction with other adult learners. As adults build relationships in their classes, they will also reach out to their friends and family members and bring them to church too! Now that is exciting!

3) Multi-sensory – Adults learn best when all their senses are involved in the learning experience. Use a 3-5 different teaching methods to keep all learners involved in the learning experience. As you do, the Bible will come alive, perhaps for the very first time. When adults get excited about learning, many of them also get excited about teaching!

4) Application – Adult learners are looking for life application! As adults see and feel how the Biblical message applies to their lives, they will participate, they will grow. As you guide adults to meaning and truth, they will grow to become leaders in your church and God’s kingdom!
For more insights, see Building Blocks for Sunday School Growth, Prosser, Qualls, McCullar published by Smyth & Helwys.

BoProsser sweaterBo Prosser is the Ministries Coordinator at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He is a congregational speaker, Smyth & Helwys author, and a teller of stories.

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