Pass the Parcel Nativity Story

It’s nearly Christmas!

I wanted a simple, interactive way of telling the Nativity story, as my Sunday group can be a bit lively, so I decided that we would use some of our leftover Christmas cards. You could also use cards you’ve received this year. This would be a great way to share the Nativity story together as a family on Christmas Eve or even Christmas morning!


You will need:


• Christmas cards showing 1) the shepherds, 2) the Wise Men, 3) the angels, 4) a Bethlehem scene, 5) a scene where Mary and Joseph and Jesus or a combination of characters are in the stable, 6) a ‘Peace on Earth’ card
• 1 candy bar
• 5 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate or other candy
• Newspaper or wrapping paper
• Tape


To make the center of your parcel, wrap the stable scene card and the candy bar in either newspaper or wrapping paper. Add a second layer to your parcel by wrapping another card and one of the individually wrapped pieces of candy around the inner parcel. Keep adding layers until you have six layers total. I used this order (from the outside moving in): angels, shepherds, wise men, Bethlehem, Peace on Earth, Nativity group scene.


Play pass the parcel, having each person unwrap one layer at a time. As the card in each layer is revealed, discuss what the picture shows and why those figures are part of the story. What part did they play? Lay the cards out in the order they are unwrapped so that they make a visual story. The final layer will reveal a stable group scene and the candy bar. We have got to the center of the story. Each layer gave us a taste of Christmas (and a piece of candy!) but the center is for everyone to share. Jesus is a gift to everyone, and whoever unwraps him needs to share the news and spread the joy (share the candy bar!)

Merry Christmas!

This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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