Mystery, a Prayer for Lent

God, thank you for faithful signs
of spring that tell us you love the world.

Give us glimpses of your creation
that are sights for sore eyes—
a comet speeding through the sky,
green buds pushing their way onto bare branches,
your divine song echoed
by birds, streams, and rushing winds.

We human beings wonder at all you create
and rejoice to be a part of the living world
that you love and sustain.

We come in amazement, God.

The thought that you love us
even more than these glorious creations
is mystery indeed.

Open our ears to the sound of your voice
that resounds from the Creating Word,
the Holy Word that is behind every word,
the Mysterious Word that is you, our God.

This post originally appeared in Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Season by Sharlande Sledge.

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