Joy to the World


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Sessions Included
The Promise (Hope)
John the Baptist (Faith)
Mary’s Prayer (Joy)
A Child Is Born (Love)
The Shepherds and the Child (Peace)
Isaiah 11:1-10; Micah 5:2-5a; & Philippians 4:6-7
Isaiah 40:1-11; Matthew 3:1-12
Luke 1:39-55; Psalm 16:11
Luke 2:1-20; 1 John 4:9-11
Luke 2:8-20; Hebrews 12:14

Brief Description

Joy to the World: An Advent QuickPak

Many churches celebrate and observe Advent, the first season of the church year. The Joy to the World QuickPak takes youth through a five Sunday celebration of Advent, telling the stories of the prophets and God’s promises, John the Baptist, Mary and Elizabeth, the shepherds, and, of course, the birth of Christ. The sessions examine how themes of the Christmas season, such as hope, faith, joy, love, and peace find expression in the lives of Christians.

The Promise (Hope)

Youth sometimes struggle to find lasting hope in an ever-changing and sometimes disappointing and frightening world. This session focuses on the firm foundation of hope offered by God’s promise that Christ will return one day to make the world right. This promise echoes the one God made though the prophets to send a Messiah. The hope of God’s promises offer us comfort, but should also inpire us to action—action that, with God’s help, might begin to make our hope a reality. Youth need both the comfort this hope brings, but also a reminder that they too possess abilities, talents, and gifts to use in working toward this hope. Youth, like adults, need a reminder that even though this hope sometimes seems to be at odds with the reality around them, God’s promises can always be trusted.

John the Baptist (Faith)

During the Christmas season, there are many different kinds of preparations to make—readying the house for a Christmas party, making the Christmas meal, preparing to receive guests, etc. In the same way, we are called to prepare, or make room in our lives, for Christ. As people of faith, we are still called to believe and change our lives as the kingdom of God has come near through Christ. John the Baptist’s life and message can help youth and adults remember that faith in God goes beyond mental agreement with certain facts—faith in God is meant to transform our lives as we prepare the way for Christ in our lives and in our world.

Mary’s Prayer (Joy)

At one time or another, we all have trouble identifying what will make us truly happy…or, better yet, what will bring us joy. This session’s Scripture begins with Mary’s encounter with Elizabeth and concludes with the song Mary sings to God. This passage from Luke 1 points us toward the true source of joy. We may turn to things, status or possessions to give us a feeling of control over our lives, but these things are hollow without the presence of God. There’s something deeper, something lasting that comes with yielding to God. And that something deeper is called joy.

A Child Is Born (Love)

Youth encounter a variety of voices and messages about love. In the midst of all these voices are the words from Scripture: “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him” (1 John 4:9). Scripture is clear—love is not just a sentiment or feeling, but it is also an action. And it is in Christ’s coming, in his arrival as a child, that we witness the ultimate demonstration and act of love—love that gave (and continues to give) itself for our sake. The Christ child is a gift of love, a gift that should inspire and teach us to love others in our own lives.

The Shepherds and the Child (Peace)

You don’t have to look very hard in our world to see evidence of struggle, injustice, fighting, and war. Peace seems far away. From the evening news to the bickering and name-calling that youth experience in schools, conflict surrounds us. Maybe that’s one of the reasons people love Christmas—at least we talk about peace and imagine what it would be like. But we aren’t the first people to imagine peace. Why is our world still so full of violence and pain? How can we help to bring the “peace on earth” spoken of by the angels announcing Christ’s birth to the shepherds?

by Chris Cash

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Youth QuickPaks offer busy youth leaders a terrific approach to leading Bible study. The sessions are unique in their strong use of media-connections for teaching. Sessions point teachers to songs, movie clips, TV shows, or other media that help grab the attention of students and get your discussion rolling.

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