Inspire your youth to discover a deeper faith.


Intersection for youth is published three times per year (trimesters). Intersection resources include a flexible Teaching Guide and colorful Youth Pages to engage today’s youth in Bible study.  Intersection is based on the NRSV translation.


Relevant Topics

Keep the attention of your youth with engaging topics like “Someone Dial 911,” “Pressure to Succeed,” “Decisions, Decisions,” “Different Beliefs,” Mysterious Books of the Bible,” and many others. Build a foundation of Bible skills and knowledge with units such as “Bible Skills Basics,” “Basic Christian Beliefs,” “Becoming a Christian,” and a wide variety of Bible book studies. Intersection‘s four-year scope & sequence provides confidence that youth will be offered a balanced diet of Bible study.

Options for Teaching

The Intersection Teaching Guide offers a wealth of optional approaches for teaching each session, including our “low-prep” options. With Intersection, you choose the teaching ideas that best fit your teaching style and your youth’s needs. Solid Bible background material helps teachers quickly grasp the passage being studied. Reproducible handouts are included at the end of each session.

Youth Pages

Our colorful Intersection Youth Pages provide in-class activities and handouts, as well as daily Bible reading guidance for teenage devotional use. The Youth Pages are the perfect connection-maker between sessions at church and life during the week. Youth Page packets are available in digital format for easy printing and sharing with your whole group.

Youth Pages are available as an individual purchase of $50 or as a FREE download with the purchase of the print Teaching Guide (see back of Teaching Guide for details).


We understand good stewardship of dollars. Intersection materials are priced at or below the competition. Plus, our publishing schedule (every four months instead of three) saves you money on shipping.