Intersection Summary

September–December 2021

Unit 1: The Future Was Then

Apocalyptic stories are about a lot more than gloom and doom. In this unit, youth will study excerpts of biblical apocalyptic writings in search of messages of hope, comfort, and God’s loving power. Sessions will lead young learners through passages in Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation. Accompanying session activities and discussion questions will guide youth to see beyond chaos and doubt in the texts as well as in their own lives.

Unit 2: Letting Go and Saying Goodbye

As growing teenagers, youth deal with losses every day. Life at home might be constantly changing, their old friendships might be ending while new ones form, and they may be dealing with a breakup or a friend moving away. More permanent and tragic losses may also be a part of their lives. The sessions in this unit explore stories from Genesis and Lamentations to give youth a way to deal with loss, and they provide resources to seek God in each experience.

Unit 3: Basic Christian Beliefs

This unit studies five basic Christian doctrines. Session one focuses on what God’s name reveals about God’s identity. Session two emphasizes the nature of God’s Son. Session three focuses on the role and function of the Spirit, and four emphasizes God’s self-revelation through Scripture. Finally, session five helps youth think about God’s intention for the church and consider how their community of faith fits into God’s greater plan. Avoiding abstract terms, these lessons guide young people to reflect not only on the ways their church meets these expectations, but also on areas where their community of faith can grow and improve.

Unit 4: Jesus Is Born—What Does It Mean?

Advent is supposed to be a special season when Christians prepare to celebrate the Incarnation, God revealed in the human child Jesus. Yet, revisiting the details year after year can cause us to grow indifferent to the spectacular reality of this story. This five-lesson unit helps teens consider ways they can be prepared and vigilant for Christ’s presence in their lives. During this Advent season, the celebration of the arrival of Christ will prompt your youth to consider why any of it matters in the first place and will guide them toward meaningful answers.

January–April 2022

Unit 1: Nehemiah—Rebuilding the Faith

Many youth have likely memorized some of the more popular Bible stories: Noah and the flood, Moses and the exodus, Esther and King Xerxes. Nehemiah, however, usually doesn’t stand out among these heroic acts of faith from their Old Testament studies. This first unit leads youth to rediscover the daring man who called on God’s children to rebuild their faith, and whose story still calls us today.

Unit 2: Ethical Issues

How does power influence the difference between right and wrong? What resources should we share with others? What is the right way to respond to conflict? Youth may not realize it, but they confront these and other ethical dilemmas every single day. Scripture texts in Mark, Luke, and 2 Corinthians will encourage youth to ask questions and seek answers to some of their most pressing political, social, and individual ethical concerns.

Unit 3: Jeremiah

As youth grow and develop unique personal identities, they probably don’t look to the prophetic books of the Old Testament for guidance. And yet, Jeremiah’s journey as a prophet to Israel and Judah during a tumultuous and worrisome era is full of questions and circumstances that allow youth to consider their own callings. Without shying away from the tough questions, this unit examines what Jeremiah’s life can teach young learners about discipleship today.

Unit 4: Learning to Share Grace—Giving Away Your Faith

After exploring their own faith, youth can use this unit to discover endless ways to share that faith with others. Each session asks youth a new question about their relationship with Christ and others—What am I saying? What do I hear? What am I learning? What am I doing?—while Gospel texts provide powerful examples of Christ’s love and guidance.