Intersection Summary

May–August 2019

Unit 1: Family Living

The first unit of this volume begins with a basic question: who is my family? Although the answer may be different for everyone, the weight of this question has been the same for centuries. Youth will study Scripture texts in Genesis, 1 Peter, James, and Deuteronomy to consider who counts as a family member in their lives, and how they can contribute and relate to this intimate community.

Unit 2: Disciples Follow Christ

Whether teenagers have grown up in a church setting or have just been introduced to Christianity for the first time, discipleship probably doesn’t sound too appealing. Today’s Christians face persecution all over the world and, at the very least, youth in your church probably fear how their peers will see them if they truly embrace discipleship. Discipleship at its most basic is composed of calling, study, prayer, service, and worship. This series of lessons will help youth develop a faith strong enough to weather the struggles and challenges of their daily lives.

Unit 3: Old Testament Basics

Each of the four sessions in this third unit focuses on introducing a broad collection of Old Testament books: Law, History, Writings, and Prophets. By exploring truths found in the main collections books of the Old Testament, this unit will lead youth to consider how they can take their biblical history with them as they grow.

Unit 4: Pressure to Succeed

Even within the Church, there are many different ways to define success and failure. This makes the path to victory even more complicated for youth, who are learning to navigate their Christian identities in the world. This unit will ask youth to explore biblical definitions of success, allowing them to find ways to apply these truths to their own lives.

September–December 2019

Unit 1: Finding My Place in the World

This unit explores three main questions: Who am I? Who is God? And why am I here? None of these questions have a correct answer, so each session leads youth in exploring their purposes and identities as growing Christians. Scripture texts from Jeremiah, John, and Exodus will guide discussion on the importance of each of these questions in the learners’ unique contexts. By analyzing their relationships with God and others, youth will be encouraged to consider where they fit as Christians in the world around them.

Unit 2: Curious Stories in the Bible

When reading about talking donkeys and dry bones coming to life, it’s easy to confuse biblical stories with tabloid articles and sci-fi movies. However, even the strangest events in the Bible can teach youth a lot about recognizing God’s work in their lives today. Each session in this unit covers a different bizarre Bible story that illustrates God’s power, love, and compassion for young learners.

Unit 3: Becoming a Christian

This unit presents the basic message of salvation in fresh and exciting ways. Learners will spend three weeks exploring the questions, steps, and struggles of declaring our faith in Christ through the experiences of a few inspiring Christians from the past. Lessons encourage youth to reflect on their own experiences of knowing Christ as they seek to grow in their faith.

Unit 4: Music and Faith

This unit pairs modern church music, hymns, and biblical hymns and lyrics with music today’s youth enjoy in order to help them think about their relationships with God and others. The sessions are also aimed at helping teens consider the way music affects their lives—how they can reflect on what they hear and sing, how music helps them through tough times, and how it tells stories with which they can identify. The Christian church has long used music to teach the faith and share stories, so this unit is an opportunity for your group to do the same.

Unit 5: Advent—Waiting for Christmas

Although the season of Advent is one of anticipation and hope, it can often be filled with frantic activity and back-to-back social obligations. These can leave Christians feeling stressed and tired. This unit explores this season with five sessions to help youth celebrate Advent with patience and focus. Learners will discuss and explore ways that Advent can be a time for us to relish in the promise of Christ’s return.