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A Group with a Difference
Making a Difference
Philippians 2:1-11
Mark 2:23-28
Matthew 25:34-36

Brief Description

A Group with a Difference

There are many groups to which youth might belong. When the word “church” is placed before “youth group,” a different kind of group begins to take shape. It is a group with a mission, a group dedicated to learning about and following God, located within a community of believers. Today’s passage from Philippians offers a few guidelines that could be used to describe how a church youth group should live out its calling.


Traditions are an important part of youth ministry. They can help the group bond and grow together. Some traditions, however, are harmful not only to the youth group itself, but also to their witness. This session will lead the group to examine a passage from Mark where a “tradition” was called into question. The passage raises questions that are still relevant today.

Making a Difference

Every group or club has a purpose. A group’s purpose often gives group members a sense of meaning and accomplishment. Church youth groups find their purpose in Christ – in his teachings and in his life. Today’s session focuses on Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 25:34-46 and how this passage could help your youth group define and clarify its purpose.

by David Woody

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