Travel with your class on a life-changing journey through the Bible.


The Formations series includes:

  • Learner’s Study Guide
  • Teaching Guide
  • Commentary
  • Resource Kit

Teaching Bundle includes each of these, plus a copy of Reflections


By Baptists and For Baptists

Formations was first introduced in 1991 when Baptist churches joining the newly-formed Cooperative Baptist Fellowship wanted a Sunday school curriculum to call their own. For 25 years, Formations has brought lessons from hundreds of Baptist writers from hundreds of Baptist churches around the country into Bible study classes each Sunday. Why only hear from one voice week after week, when instead you can learn from the many — male and female, urban and rural, young and not-so-young? Formations holds to the Baptist principle that the Spirit can and should speak through each of us.

Biblical, Discussion-Based Topics

Formations follows a structured annual plan, utilizing the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), that provides a steady, well-balanced diet of faith-based study. Built in a format that encourages both individual reflection and group discussion, Formations will guide your class in a journey through biblical passages and issues that create meaningful and life-changing connections.

Options for Teaching

Each teaching guide is packed with options for teaching the session — because no two groups are alike. Choose those options that best fit your teaching style. Teachers also receive in-depth background information on the Bible passage being studied.

Do your best preparation at the lowest price with a Teaching Bundle, which includes 1 Study Guide, 1 Teaching Guide, 1 Commentary, 1 Resource Kit, and 1 copy of Reflections, our daily devotional guide.

Solid Commentary

As important as the Bible is, it’s not always easy to understand. Fortunately, Formations is loaded with commentary. The Learner’s Study Guide and Teaching Guides offer deep biblical insights, and the Commentary provides even more. The Commentary features the writing of Judson Edwards, author of eleven books, including his latest from Smyth & Helwys Books, Bugles in the Afternoon: Dealing with Discouragement and Disillusionment in Ministry. A pastor for more than thirty years, he is currently a freelance writer and speaker. He and his wife, Sherry, live in San Antonio, Texas.

Online Extras

As part of NextSunday’s Coracle blog, additional helpful articles will be provided on a weekly basis by Formations editor Darrell Pursiful and a host of other writers. Current event connections. Personal stories. Questions for consideration and reflection. Even links to art, literature, movies and music. You never know what you might find that will speak to you and bring you toward a deeper understanding of the week’s lesson.

View this week’s Formations online commentary here.


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Digital Option

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