Weekly Sessions for Middle School & High School.

Formations for Youth

Formations for Youth MA19

Group License ($50)

The Formations for Youth curriculum ties in to the Adult Formations curriculum to provide structured, meaningful material. Each lesson is built around questions for quality discussion that can be adapted to fit your group’s size, personality, and style with very little preparation. Every week includes a lesson for Middle School and a lesson for High School, each on one page for convenient printing or electronic access.

Get four months of lessons for Middle School and High School classes for only $50.

  • All one-page lessons are available in a downloadable PDF format to print or access on your mobile device.
  • Lessons incorporate either a multimedia, interactive discussion, or short activity option to keep youth thinking and making connections.
  • Each lesson connects to the Adult Formations lesson, creating points of discussion between parents and their teenagers.
  • Lessons can be adapted to Youth Groups of all sizes, styles, and personalities.