Flame: The Calling of Levi with Colored Cards

Luke 5:27-32

We’re always trying different ways to tell stories in visual ways, so here is what we tried in our scaled-down summer group (3-11 years old) to tell the story of Jesus calling Levi!

You will need: 10 small square-shaped cards or pieces of construction paper (1 gold card; 5 double-sided cards with green on one side and red on the other; 4 green cards with red stripes on one side).


Jesus (gold card) met a tax collector called Levi (double-sided card with red side up).


In Jesus’ day, people thought that tax collectors were not good people and, like everyone, Levi had done things that he was sorry for doing. Jesus said to Levi, “Follow me!”


Levi got up, left his things and followed Jesus. Jesus, forgave his sins and helped him to change his life and come closer to God (turn red card over to become green).


That night, Jesus had dinner at Levi’s house with other tax collectors (red-sided cards).


Some Pharisees (striped cards to show that, though they are following the law, they are not changed in the way that Levi and Jesus’ followers are) saw what Jesus was doing and said, “Why are you having dinner with these people? They aren’t good people!”

Jesus told them: “I did not come to help the people who think they are good, but to help those who have done wrong things to say sorry and to change their lives” (turn the red cards over and take the striped cards away).

We then discussed how we can say sorry to Jesus for the wrong things we have done and how he will forgive us and help us to follow him like Levi did.


Using the cards, we then discussed the fact that the ‘Pharisee’ cards could be turned over to a purely green side so there was hope for the Pharisees to join in Jesus’ life changing, but they were not willing to do so. We also led on to discussions about how Jesus loves everyone, including people we might look down on as being ‘bad’. Everyone has the potential to say sorry and let Jesus change their lives.

This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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