Flame: Praying for Sad Situations

Children can really identify with a sense of sadness, and, as a fact of life, sad things happen. They occur in our lives, in the lives of people we know, and in the world as a whole. Here is a prayer station to help children (especially younger ones) pray that God will bring joy and happiness to those experiencing times of sadness.

You will need: ribbon, scissors, blue paper, circular stickers, markers, an umbrella.

I took thin, sheer ribbon and attached lengths of it to the spokes of an old umbrella. Then I cut raindrop shapes out of blue paper and stapled a few to each ribbon.

You need some way of balancing the umbrella in order to perform the prayer activity. When working with a small group, the leader could hold the handle or balance the umbrella on a chair.

Ask children to think of someone who is sad or a sad situation in the world, and ask God to bring them joy. As a symbol of their prayer, have them draw a smiley face on a circular sticker and stick it onto a raindrop.

I did think of using smiley face stickers, but actually having to draw a face on the circle makes the children more directly involved in the prayer.

This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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