Flame: Pipe Cleaner Intercessions


I love the versatility of pipe cleaners and children seem to feel the same! They are great for playing with and they are also great for praying with….

Here is a version of some prayers I did at a recent service with the whole congregation. The prayers would work well with a small group of children or in a family prayer time. Take time to talk with children about each section as you go along so that they know clearly who and what they are praying for. They will undoubtedly have lots of suggestions!

Each person will need four pipe cleaners and will do something different with each.

1. Shape the pipe cleaner into an initial or a shape that stands for one of your friends.
Hold the shape and tell God how your friend might need His help. Ask God to bless her.

2. Coil the pipe cleaner up.
Think about people in the world who live in confusion and don’t understand what is happening to them: people who live in war torn areas, who have to leave their homes, who don’t know where they will get their next meal. Hold the shape and ask God to help them.

3. Link your pipe cleaner with someone else’s.
Think about people who are lonely: those who have no friends, family, or support around them. Ask God to send them people who will be their friends.

4. Loop the pipe cleaner around your wrist.
Think about when God has been with you this week. Has he answered any of your prayers? If you have any prayers, ask God now. Thank God for always being with us and caring for us. Wear the pipe cleaner around your wrist as a reminder of God being with you.


This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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