Flame: God Protects Me

This activity, based on Psalm 139, comes in two parts—a game and a craft—and is best for children between ages five and eight.

Mirror Game

Pair the children up, designating one child to be Person A and the other to be Person B. Get the children to stand facing each other and then ask Person A to perform a series of movements that Person B has to copy as if looking in a mirror. After a few minutes, swap roles so Person B performs a series of movements and Person A copies. Let the children switch roles several more times.

After bringing the children back to attention, speak with them about how God is always with us. In fact, like the person who was following the movements in our game, God follows everything we do and goes everywhere we go.


This craft will help the children to think about God covering and protecting them wherever they are and wherever they go.

You will need: 1 envelope per 4 children, colored or patterned paper, glue sticks, scissors, and 1 button per child (optional: markers or colored pencils, tape).

(1) Close and seal the envelopes, then cut each envelope into quarters. This will give you 4 pockets per envelope. Each child needs 1 pocket!

(2) Instruct the children to use the colored and patterned paper to decorate their pocket. Encourage them to use colors and shapes that remind them of God. Make sure the pocket still opens!

You may also wish to provide markers or colored pencils so children can draw their own designs on the paper or on the pocket itself.

(3) Have the children each pick a button to represent themselves and put their button inside the pocket as a symbol that God is covering, holding, and protecting them. You can even help the children to glue or tape their pockets closed with the buttons inside, indicating that no matter what they ever do or say, God will still love and care for them.

This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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