Flame: Easter Cards

We made Easter cards last year and, when I got the Easter box down this week, I found we had loads of materials left so we did it again. Nice and easy to make! If you’re working with limited time or very small children, cut the colored paper into the shapes ahead of time. Otherwise, supply scissors for your children to cut out the shapes themselves. Remember, you will probably have more children in your class than usual.


For each card, you will need glue, an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock or construction paper to fold into a card, a square of blue paper smaller than 5.5 inches, an orange circle, a smaller yellow circle, a green half-oval, a brown cross, and two labels. One label should say, “He is alive!” and the other should say, “Happy Easter”.


After folding the cardstock or construction paper in half (“hot dog style”), glue the blue square near the top of the front of the card.


Glue the orange circle on top of the blue square, then glue the yellow circle on top of the orange.


Glue the green half-oval so that the base is near the bottom of the front of the card. This way, the “hill” will overlap all the other pieces you’ve glued down so far. Finally, glue the cross on top of the hill and place one of the labels below the cross. Use the other label inside!

This post first appeared at Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

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