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Sessions Included
Does God Care What I Do?
Why Don’t I Feel Close to God?
Why Do Bad Things Happen? (Why Did My Mom Die?)
How Can I Know What to Do with My Life?
Why Do I Feel So Sad?
Ephesians 4:17-5:2
Jeremiah 20:7-14
Psalm 88
Micah 6:6-8
Philippians 4:10-14

Brief Description

Angie: Does God Care What I Do?

Like Angie, many youth see their Christian friends engaging in wrong behavior and question if God really cares what they do. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul emphasizes that God does care about the way we live. Christians have a mission to the world. The way we live–putting aside our former ways, learning to love our neighbors, and sharing God’s message of salvation and love–is part of that mission.

Ethan: Why Don’t I Feel Close to God?

Like Ethan, many youth experience dry spells in their faith. Teens may think that God has abandoned them and feel hurt and betrayed as a result. These feelings can be even more pronounced when it seems as though everyone around them is on fire for God while they are not. In today’s passage, Jeremiah describes similar feelings. This session shows youth that they are not the only ones who sometimes feel disconnected from God.

Olivia: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

(Why Did My Mom Die?)
When we lose a family member or experience some other tragedy, many of us become angry at God. Like Olivia, we ask, “Why did God do this?” Today’s passage, Psalm 88, vividly portrays the pain that many teenagers feel, especially those who have experienced loss. A study of this psalm also leads to an understanding that suffering is a part of life; not everything ends the way we expect.

Gary: How Can I Know What to Do with My Life?

Two of the most difficult questions facing teenagers is where to go to college and what career to pursue. It is hard for youth, or anyone, to know God’s will for their life. Like Gary, we become frustrated with God and just want answers. However, this session teaches youth that God is not as concerned with the specific job we have or school we attend. God cares more about how we live our lives and how we treat others.

Joey: Why Do I Feel So Sad?

Like Joey, many youth go through periods of sadness. They may feel like nothing in their life is going right. In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, written from a prison cell, he states that he has learned to be content in all circumstances. Christians go through difficult periods and experience sadness, but we have a hope that can help us through any situation. We are not called to be continually happy, but simply to know that God is with us through whatever we experience.

by Kristopher Norris

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