Faith Driver’s Ed


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Sessions Included
Rules of the Road
Driving Defensively
Maintain Your Vehicle
Use Good Judgement
Practice, Practice, Practice
Exodus 20:1-17
Luke 4:1-13
Matthew 6:1-24
1 Kings 3:16-28
Matthew 7:24-27

Brief Description

Rules of the Road

Teenagers’ lives are filled with rules. As they discover their own boundaries, youth often think of rules as limits that keep them from fully experiencing life. This session will help teens understand that rules and laws, such as the Ten Commandments, exist to help them live abundantly in their relationships with God and others.

Driving Defensively

This session challenges teens to ask, “Who is in control of my life?” Do they let backseat drivers tell them what to do? How do they respond to the temptation to live “outside the lines?” Jesus was able to resist temptation; how can youth learn from his example to make good choices?

Maintain Your Vehicle

If we want our cars to safely transport us in our daily lives, we occasionally have to get gas, oil, tires, and a tune up. Otherwise, we might find ourselves stranded beside the road. The same is true for our faith journeys: failing to develop and maintain our faith, evaluate our beliefs, and examine what we think about God can lead to a spiritual breakdown.

Use Good Judgment

This session reminds youth that responsible decisions keep us safe when the road gets complicated, difficult, or dangerous. The same is true for our faith—it is important that we examine our lives and do our best to live acccording to Jesus’ teachings. King Solomon’s life and wisdom teach us about the importance of using good judgment in our own lives.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Many teens anxiously await their driving test…they practice driving, read the Department of Transportation handbook, and practice in anticipation of the big day. Like driving, a relationship with Christ is not something we master in a few moments or months—it takes practice and discipline. This session challenges youth to keep moving forward with their faith.

by David Woody

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