The Emotional Roller Coaster


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Age Group


Sessions Included
The Spine-tingler (Fear)
The Heartbreaker (Love)
The Fist of Fury (Anger)
The Runaway MINE-Train
The Tearjerker (Sadness)
Mark 4:35-41
1 Corinthians 13; 1 John 3:18
John 2:13-17; Ephesians 4:25-27
Genesis 25:19-34; Genesis 27; Philippians 4:10-13
Psalm 42; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Brief Description

Spine-tingler (Fear)

This session invites youth to examine the role fear plays in their lives and to see the things they fear in light of their faith in Christ. The peace Jesus brings doesn’t deny the existence of scary events, experiences, and even people, but we can face our fears when we trust in the One who calms the fearful storms and, perhaps more importantly, calms us in the midst of our storms.

Heartbreaker (Love)

Almost everywhere they turn, teenagers encounter a dizzying array of incomplete or false messages about what love is. The explanation of love in 1 Corinthians 13 is clear: Love is lived out in our relationships with others. Real love isn’t always easy; it doesn’t always come naturally. Paul knew that the church at Corinth needed to be reminded of these things…just as we do today.

Fist of Fury (Anger)

It often seems like many teenagers are quick to anger, perhaps because they feel hurt, whether inflicted by friends or by family, so very intensely. This session examines the story of Jesus’ outburst in the temple and helps youth learn from Jesus’ experience and reaction, as well as Paul’s words in Ephesians, about the importance of not letting anger linger in our lives.

Runaway MINE-Train (Jealousy)

Teenagers are quick to compare themselves to others as they struggle to define their own identity and sense of worth. These comparisons are dually destructive—first, when youth compare themselves to others, it diminishes their sense of who they are; second, it harms their relationships by keeping them from celebrating others’ gifts, abilities, and possessions. This session encourages teenagers to find the peace that comes through a life not focused on what others have, but rather on the love of Christ that makes us whole.

Tearjerker (Sadness)

Teenagers may experience powerful sadness, often brought on by circumstances and biology. Some teenagers (and even adults) mistakenly view sadness as something that shouldn’t happen to “good Christians” who trust God. Others acknowledge the reality of sadness, but often want to gloss over or trivialize it. For some, seeing hope or the way out of intense sadness can be difficult. The reality of the hope that Christ brings should indeed change how we encounter sadness, but it does not change the reality of sadness in our lives. This session will help students see that the depths of sadness are expressed in the Bible, but that a reason for hope is also expressed in Scripture.

by Chris Cash

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