eBook Instructions – Troubleshooting

Still Having Trouble?

• Is your device on?
• Is your device unlocked?
• Is your device fully and securely plugged into your computer?
• Kindle devices and apps can only read .mobi files. All other devices and apps use .epub files. Did you download the correct file for your device and reading app?

Ejecting Your Device
  1. In a new file explorer window, in the leftmost list of drives, right-click on your device’s name and select “Eject”.
  2. If using Windows 10, click on the start menu (bottom left of your screen) and select “Settings” (a gear icon). Then select “Bluetooth & other devices”. Click on the name of your device, then click “Remove Device” and confirm your choice.
On your desktop, drag your device’s icon to the trashcan icon in the Dock and release (the trashcan icon will change to an eject icon upon approach)

Android and Apple device users:
Click Here
Do you have an app that can read eBooks, such as the Kindle or Nook apps?
If not, search in your preferred App Store for “epub reader” and download the app of your choice

Android users with Mac computers:
Click Here
“Android File Transfer” is required to access your Android device on your Mac. The app is incompatible with operating systems older than Mac OS 10.7. If necessary, upgrade to a newer operating system or use a different computer.

Amazon Fire Tablet users:
Click Here
Amazon’s instructions on this process are available here

Nook users:
Click Here
Nook’s instructions on this process are available here

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