eBook Instructions – Other


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  1. Download an eBook reading application or program. Some popular ones include Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle for PC, and Kindle for Mac.
  2. Find the email with the links to your eBook
  3. Download the .mobi version if using an Amazon Kindle app
    Download the .epub version if using any other app
  4. Navigate to your “Downloads” folder, which should contain the eBook file
  5. Copy the eBook file and paste it in a familiar location on your computer, such as your desktop or “My Documents” folder
  6. Open the file using your newly downloaded eBook reading app or program


Other eReader

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  1. On your computer, find the email with the links to your eBook
  2. Download the .epub version of the book to your computer
  3. Locate the folder which contains the newly downloaded eBook file (likely your “Downloads” folder) and copy your .epub file
  4. Ensure you device is turned on and unlocked, then physically connect your device to your computer using your device’s USB cable
  5. In a file explorer or finder window on your computer, open the drive for your device.
  6. Navigate to the folder on your device where eBooks are kept (i.e. “Books”, “My Documents”)
  7. Paste the .epub file (copied in step 3) to the folder where eBooks are kept on your device
  8. Eject your device from your computer before unplugging it. If you are using an older Windows computer, ejecting may not be possible.
  9. Your book can now be opened using your preferred reading app

For more specific instructions, search “adding eBooks to” and the name of your type of reading device.


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