Different Drummer

Years ago, I was sharing with a very dear friend some issue with which I had been dealing. Very much like my mother, my friend always laughs at my stories, even the ones in which I’m complaining or seeking her advice. When I finished this particular story, my friend said, “You know the fool in Shakespeare?”

“I know where this is going,” I answered.

She smiled. “Well, when you get to heaven, you’re going to be God’s fool.”

Not to be outdone, I replied, “What makes you think God’s waiting?”

I am a clown at heart, which would probably explain my reactions to most situations. In the beginning, I may have considered my life to be peppered with peculiar ecents, but I have since decided that I am the peculiarity. This became particularly evident to me years ago when one of my children said, “Mom, it’s not that you march to a different drummer; your drummer is not even in the band.” Aren’t children wonderful? They look at a situation, evaluate it, and can instantly reach a concise, clear conclusion—especially when it regards their parent.

Although it may have initially concerned me that God gave me an unusual sense of humor, I have since learned to use it to make people laugh, which provides me with immense pleasure. So, I’m okay with my drummer not being in the band—as long as God has a band for those of us who miss the beat from time-to-time. We’ll still march wherever God would have us.

Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do. —Ecclesiastes 9:7 (NIV)

Sandra Jones Cropsey is a playwright, novelist, and children’s writer. Her novel Who’s There was a finalist for the 2008 “Georgia Book of the Year” and was produced as a play in 2010 by the Main Street Players. In 2009, she received a grant to produce her children’s story, Tinker’s Christmas, as a radio drama. Presently, she is working on scheduling a reading of her new play, “All My Trials, Lord.”

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