I.D. Creation Kit


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Sessions Included
Get a Clear Picture
Check Your Record
Future I.D.
Psalm 139:1-24
Luke 18:18-23
Luke 19:1-10

Brief Description

Get a Clear Picture

Most teenagers are concerned with how they look and the way others see them. A huge part of navigating the teenage journey is becoming comfortable in one’s skin. Sometimes youth feel pressure to become someone different in pursuit of that comfort. Psalm 139 exposes us all for what we are—creations of God, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Check Your Record

Teenagers probably need about twenty-seven hours to complete everything they would like to do in a twenty-four-hour day. They are busy with school, friends, media, sports, music, drama, clubs, work, family demands, etc. This session helps youth ask, Where is God in all the stuff I do? How does my list of activities reflect my faith? Does what I do show my love for Christ?

Future I.D.

Most of us, at one time or another, fall into the habit of thinking about the present moment so intensely that we forget about the future entirely. Teenagers are particularly concerned with the here and now. This session encourages youth to look beyond the present moment and think about the following question: What does God want for your life in the future and what does that mean for today? The story of Zacchaeus raises this question in a unique way.

by David Woody

What Is a QuickPak?

Youth QuickPaks offer busy youth leaders a terrific approach to leading Bible study. The sessions are unique in their strong use of media-connections for teaching. Sessions point teachers to songs, movie clips, TV shows, or other media that help grab the attention of students and get your discussion rolling.

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