Youth Bundle

Intersection Bundle Graphic
Each session offers multiple options for teaching and provides a separate approach for Bible teaching for younger and older youth. Youth Pages provide handouts for use in the session, along with a daily Bible reading guide for youth.

This bundle includes:

  • 2 Teaching Guides
  • 4 Youth Pages

(Enough for 2 teachers and 20 students!)

Intersection Youth Bundle – $93.99

January–April 2016

UNIT 1: Disciples Follow Christ

Whether your teenagers have grown up in a church setting or are being introduced to Christianity for the first time, discipleship probably doesn’t sound too appealing. After all, disciples have it tough; the most famous disciples were imprisoned, tortured, murdered, and had to write a lot of letters to try to solve other people’s drama. Today’s Christians face persecution all over the world and, at the very least, your youth probably fear how their peers will see them if they truly embrace discipleship. After all, discipleship at its most basic is composed of calling, study, prayer, service, and worship. This series of lessons will help youth develop a faith strong enough to weather the struggles and challenges of adulthood.

UNIT 2: Someone Dial 911!

Teenagers tend to react to situations with raw emotions—negative situations having the strongest effects. Capable of understanding the world more complexly but still developing ways to cope with their deep emotions, teenagers often feel powerless and can be very good at shielding their pain from others. Difficulties in their lives or the lives of people they care for can bring teens to a point of crisis. This series of lessons will help equip youth with tools and resources to deal with four of the most common struggles teens face: family instability, trauma, loneliness, and stress.

UNIT 3: Easter–Mark’s Account

For many youth, the Easter story is as ingrained as the plot of a fairytale or classic movie. Accordingly, as teenagers approach Holy Week they frequently find themselves underwhelmed by the pastel plastic eggs, white lilies, and images of crosses. However, their dismissive attitudes have little to do with their devotion. Teens keenly feel that Easter is supposed to “mean something new,” but often struggle to feel the expected enthusiasm. This series of lessons uses the metaphor of a play and provides a broad scope in the book of Mark to give a new angle on this well-known story.

UNIT 4: Becoming a Christian

How often do we make a point to share and explain the gospel during Bible study? How much time do we devote to discussing how to live as a Christian? Even for teens who grew up attending church and Sunday school, the realities of becoming a Christian can be difficult to grasp. More difficult still can be figuring out what to do after receiving the gospel’s good news. For teens who have only recently begun to learn about Christianity, they might find themselves uncertain about the process and wary of making themselves vulnerable by asking. In this series of lessons, teens will step back to basics with the help of Nicodemus, Paul, and Zacchaeus.

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