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Connections follows the International Sunday School Lesson Plan that provides your class with a six-year plan for reading and studying the Bible. By participating in the Uniform Series, a believer will be given help in knowing the content of the Bible, understanding its message, and responding to that message by living a life of faith and love.

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January–April 2016

UNIT 1: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Terry Ellis
Even the most loving relationships must work hard to endure the obstacles life throws their way. No matter the relationship status, God is there to help us persevere and grow in faith and love. Each week in this unit will highlight a unique joy, hardship, struggle, and delight found in marriage and friendship. Through a spectrum of stories, we will see how God speaks to us though our relationships. When bliss turns to grief or celebration to loss, God can empower and advise us through the people in our lives.

UNIT 2: Holy Days

Chris Cadenhead
It’s party time. Specifically, it’s time to examine the variety of celebrations we schedule into our lives, because those rituals help determine our cultural, religious, and individual identities. Each of these four weeks will study a different feast or festival that God commanded the Israelites to observe upon their arrival in the promised land. Preserving these memories from their past will keep them grounded in their new, more comfortable lives. In this unit, we will discuss how our holidays define who we are by commemorating the events that brought us where we are today.

UNIT 3: Tests of Faith

Leigh Powers
These four lessons are all about doubt. It creeps into our lives through our conversations, our favorite television shows, and even our prayer time. It tests our faith, sometimes in ways we would never expect. This unit takes us through Mark’s Gospel, exploring ways that we can respond when our faith is challenged or even overcome by doubt. We will learn how our faith can grow and adapt in a world that often celebrates skepticism and puts belief on trial. From Jesus’ miracles to his death and resurrection, we will explore what faith looks like and its purpose in our journey to Christ.

UNIT 4: Restorative Faith

Christine Kellet
Embracing faith might be a struggle, but if we persevere, God will do incredible things. This unit takes us through the Gospel of Luke to provide encouragement as we constantly strive to hold onto our faith. In these stories, strong faith is able to bring God’s love and salvation to even the most hopeless situation. We will see how our actions toward others can bear witness to God’s healing power for all. God is capable of restoring anyone’s life, but only if we trust in his never-ending love for us.

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