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Formations Commentary

Formations follows a structured plan that covers major biblical and life themes across the course of a year. Your class will journey through passages and issues that connect with the lives of your adult learns in real and meaningful ways. Progressive in its approach, Formations encourages a class to be led by its own discussion, rather than by a lecture.

As important as the Bible is, it’s not always easy to understand. Fortunately, Formations is loaded with commentary. The Learner’s Study Guide and Teaching Guides offer deep biblical insights, and the Commentary provides even more.

Formations Commentary – $5.99

Formations Commentary (eBook) – $5.99

January-April 2016

UNIT 1: The Beginning of the Gospel

Christ’s birth put into motion the climactic act of God’s plan to bring salvation to the world. This unit focuses on the beginning of Jesus’ life and ministry, from the announcement of Jesus’ name to his baptism, first miracle, and hometown sermon. Through these events we see how the truth of Jesus’s character and purpose unfolded, indicating what his coming meant to Israel and to us today.

UNIT 2: From Crisis to Comfort

During the next five weeks, this unit will ease us into the Lenten season by focusing on Old Testament prophecies describing life’s crises and sufferings along with God’s assurances and patient calls to repentance. With our eyes on Easter, we will explore the spiritual states Jesus came to redeem, both for the ancient Israelites and present-day Christians.

UNIT 3: From Tragedy to Triumph

The Jews of Jesus’ day waited for the Messiah. After all, they knew that God had a plan. Combining the Scriptures with generations of interpretation and expectation, they hoped for a military leader who would come to release them from their Roman overlords and free them from the weight of their sins. This four-week unit focuses on major events, as recorded in Luke, in the climax of God’s plan. From Peter’s confession that Jesus was the Christ to Jesus’s resurrection over death, this good news will have us declaring “Christ is risen!”

UNIT 4: The Life of King Solomon

One of the most dearly loved figures of the Old Testament is Solomon, the wise king, the son of David, the last king of a unified Israel. Not shrinking from shades of the sinful, each lesson in this four-week unit explores aspects of Solomon’s legacy as well as his character. His achievements are best remembered, but by studying major points throughout his life, we will explore the unmaking of a kingdom alongside the dilution of a man’s faith.

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