Crossroads: Peer Pressure


Judges 16

My Story

When I was in fifth grade, a new kid came to our choir program at church. I knew this boy, but he was not good friends with me and my pals. After choir we were all outside playing, and the new kid was standing off by himself watching us. There was a big puddle from a recent storm on the playground, and we all starting talking about throwing someone in the puddle. One of my friends said, “Hey, let’s go grab the new kid and throw him in the water.” I knew this was not right—it was a mean thing to do. But everyone started saying, “Yes, let’s do it. It will be fun. He won’t mind. He’ll probably laugh about it.”

I still knew it was wrong, but that day I went along with the crowd. We went over and grabbed the new kid and started swinging him around. He was laughing at first, but then we took him over to the puddle and dropped him in the water. I will never forget the look on his face. The boy started crying and ran home, and I felt terrible.

Your Story

• Tell about a time when you faced peer pressure. If possible, talk about a time when you went along with the crowd (gave into the pressure) and a time when you stood against the crowd and didn’t give in to peer pressure.
• What decisions did you make? Why did you make those decisions?
• What were the consequences of those decisions?

The Bible Story

Samson was the strongest young man in his community. He had big muscles and very long hair. His hair was braided into seven long braids, and these long braids of hair were the secret of Samson’s strength. God had told Samson’s parents when he was young that as long as he didn’t cut his hair, he would remain very strong. So Samson knew his long hair was the secret of his strength, but he was not supposed to tell anyone this secret.

Now Samson liked this girl named Delilah. Delilah didn’t really like Samson very much, but Samson’s enemies told Delilah they would pay her a lot of money if she would help them catch Samson. So Delilah pretended to be friends with Samson in order to help Samson’s enemies capture him.

One day, Delilah was hanging out with Samson, and she started pressuring him to tell her the secret of his strength. Samson knew he shouldn’t tell her, but he really liked Delilah and wanted her to be his friend, maybe even his girlfriend. Delilah said to Samson, “If you really want to be my friend, you will tell me your secret.”

Samson didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t supposed to tell anyone the secret of his strength, but he really wanted to be friends with Delilah. Even though Samson knew he shouldn’t, he told Delilah his secret. Samson made the wrong choice. And after he told Delilah the truth, she cut off his hair while he was sleeping. Samson’s enemies then came and captured him, and Samson found himself in big trouble.

Discussion Questions

• What would you have done if you had been Samson? How would you have responded when Delilah said, “If you are my friend, you would do what I’m asking you to do even if you know it’s wrong”?
• What should you do if you know something is wrong but your friends are pressuring you to do it anyway?
• What kinds of things might you feel pressured to do?
• Did Samson lie to Delilah? If he lied, how many times? If he lied, why?
• What would you have done if you were Delilah? Would you have pressured Samson? Why or why not?
• Why did God leave Samson? Why was his hair the secret of his strength?
• How do you think Jesus felt when Satan tempted him in the wilderness? How was Jesus able to resist this temptation?


• Ask God to help each of you with temptation and peer pressure.
• Pray for each other by name, asking God to help him/her make good decisions this week.


What can you do this week to watch out for peer pressure and temptation? Talk as a family about what you can do to help each other to make good decisions and resist peer pressure.

Jessica Asbell is currently serving as the Minister to Children at First Baptist Church of Roswell, GA. She has worked with children in various capacities at several churches, including Winter Park Baptist in Wilmington, NC, First Baptist of Decatur, GA, and Highland Hills Baptist in Macon, GA. She has a Master of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology and a BBA from Mercer University. In her spare time she loves to read, watch movies, and of course spend time with her sweet kitty, Lucy.

Kevin Head began serving as Minister to Young Families at First Baptist Roswell, Georgia, in February 2012. He has pastored three churches in Kentucky and more recently served as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Lumberton, North Carolina. In 2007, Kevin and his wife, Amy, began a ministry-based counseling practice called New Perspectives for Life in East Cobb, Georgia. He is a graduate of Furman University (B.A.) and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D., M.Div.) in Louisville, Kentucky. Kevin was ordained by the First Baptist Church of Belvedere, South Carolina. His model of ministry is based on John 8 and the amazing, continual grace of Jesus Christ. Kevin and Amy have two children, Jenna and Joshua.

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