Crossroads: Being Creative

Genesis 1:1-5

My Story

As a family, take turns talking about something each of you has created that you are proud of. If you are like me, it is a song. Or maybe you’ve written a story or painted a picture. Talk about how it felt to create that thing and how you felt when you finished it.

My Story and the Bible Story

As a child, I loved making up songs. I’d make up the tune as well as the words and sing these songs to myself as I played. Occasionally I even wrote down the words. These songs were about anything and everything: sometimes they were songs about God, and other times they were songs about what I was doing at the moment. I recently came across one of these songs that I had written down. I no longer remembered the tune, but it was fun to see something I created all those years ago.

Read Genesis 1:1-5.

Take a few moments and ask everyone to close their eyes. Imagine when the world was dark and nothing was here. There was inky blackness as far as you could see. Then imagine God’s voice speaking, creating everything— light, sky, land, plants, the sun, the moon, fish, birds, reptiles, bugs, wild animals, and, finally, humans. Imagine what it must have been like to see all of God’s creation coming to life. God, the Creator of the Universe, took time to speak each thing into life, from the sun and the moon, all the way to the tiny ants and bugs that walk on the ground.

We like to create things. We build things out of Legos and draw pictures. We make new recipes and we write new songs. We dream up new ideas and we create new things. We like to create. And we create because our Creator does the same. God is still creating. He created you and me and everything we see. What a wonderful Creator we have!


1. Ask each member of your family what their favorite animal is. Then talk about each person’s favorite part of creation. Is it the mountains or the ocean? A lion or a whale? A lightning bug or lightning? A rose or a salamander?

2. Talk about the creative gifts you have in your family. Is someone musical? Does someone like to write? Draw? Paint? Build with blocks?

3. Talk about how you can use your creative gifts to help others.

4. Find a way this week to celebrate God’s creation.

5. Pray, giving thanks for all that God has created and for giving you the ability to create as well. Ask God to show you ways to use your creative gifts to help others.

Rev. Jessica Asbell is the Minister to Children and Families at First Baptist Roswell, where she has been serving since 2012. She has written the children’s curriculum for Smyth & Helwys’s Annual Bible Study for the books of Daniel; Ezekiel; Luke; Jonah; 1 Corinthians; 1, 2, 3 John and Jude; Colossians; The Story of Israel’s Ancestors: Living toward a Promise; and Where Faith & Family Meet: A Book of Weekly Devotions. She has also written for CBF’s Spark and Form and for Affect in CBF’s fellowship! magazine. Married to Jonathan Oravec, Jessica reads every chance she gets.

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