“The Stranger”

We read a lot in the Bible about “the stranger”. It is full of stories of cross-cultural encounters and experiences, both positive and negative. Like us, those in the biblical narrative needed guidance on what to do with the strangers in their midst. We learn from these texts themes of hospitality and inclusivity for those who are not like us.

Thrive: Love’s Bullhorn – Julie Pennington-Russell

There are certain sounds in this world that make listening a pure joy. I have my favorites: Garrison Keillor’s buttery voice on public radio; the pure brass tones of Aaron Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man… Some things are a delight to listen to. Then there’s John the Baptist.

Formations 02.02.2014: From Repentance to Remembrance

The mom had had enough of her teenaged son’s irresponsible behavior. In her frustration, she remarked that the two of them needed to have a “come to Jesus meeting.” Her son, not understanding the words but catching his mom’s tone quite accurately, commented, “I don’t think Jesus wants to go to that meeting.”

Uniform 02.02.2014: Doing the Hard Thing

Nearly thirteen years ago, I made a commitment to a man. I spoke words and donned a ring. He heard those words, and so did everyone else in the church. God heard them, too. Over the years, I have learned again and again that those words and that promise are not enough. Sometimes, it’s harder than I ever imagined to live out those words.

Coracles & Noah in the News

Could there be a link between the small boats we named our blog after and Noah’s Ark?

Metanoia Community Development Corporation and its activities – Alicia Lutz

The ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina has worked in the Chicora-Cherokee community of North Charleston for 10 years and has created a sustainable model of faith-based, community-led, asset-driven community development.

Thrive: Love’s Detour – Julie Pennington-Russell

What would a Christmas pageant be without the three Wise Men? They’ve captured the imagination of songwriters, painters, and poets. James Taylor sang about them; Monty Python parodied them; Garrison Keillor brought them to Lake Wobegon; we celebrate them in Christmas carols and on greeting cards and with gazillion-watt front yard light displays.

Crossroads: Being Afraid

When I was young, I went to a clothing store with my mother. I liked going to the store because I was small enough to get inside the clothes racks and play. My mother warned me to stay close to her, but I didn’t listen very well.

Formations 01.26.2014: Putting God in a Box

We’ve all heard the expression “putting God in a box.” When people fail to consider that God might not think or act exactly like they do (or would do if they were God), they might be said to put God in a box. They’ve got God figured out, thank you very much, and there’s no point upsetting their neat little theological system by asking them to imagine a God who might surprise them.

Uniform 01.26.2014: A War on Wealth

This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson declaring a “war on poverty.” Through programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Head Start, the Johnson administration demonstrated its commitment to easing the economic inequality in our country.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Memories do fade, but some stick with you. Sunday mornings are times that I remember, and I’m not talking about church. Now, before you start to judge in any way, the experiences that I have and have had at church stick with me also. But not all of them.

Hello from Kanazawa, Japan!

Just as the NextSunday Resources blog is a new location for Christian education in your congregation in this New Year, we too are experiencing great newness in our missional journeys. In June of 2013, we were officially appointed at the CBF General Assembly to Kanazawa and made the big move in September.