Connections is Coming!


Beginning with the January–April 2016 trimester, the Uniform Bible Study series will become Connections. You may wonder what will change besides the name.

Well, not much—at least not right away.

The only changes you’ll see during 2016 besides the title will be some minor style adjustments. The overall layout and format will remain the same. We will also continue to use the Scripture texts and lesson topics suggested by the ecumenical Committee on the Uniform Series, as we have done from the inception of the series. We will continue to use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible in the printed lesson text. You will continue to be guided in your Bible study by excellent writers producing outstanding lessons.

After we all have a chance to adjust to the new name, other changes will come in 2017. The most significant change is that the Scripture texts will follow the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). I will write another post soon about the RCL; for now suffice it to say that one of the main reasons we are making these changes is that we have received so many requests for an RCL-based Bible study curriculum.

So, why are we changing the name to Connections? What do we hope will get connected?

First, we hope that our readers will get (better) connected to Scripture.

Second, we hope that Scripture study will get (better) connected to life.

Third, we hope that our readers will get (better) connected to the Christian year.

Fourth, we hope that Bible study will get (better) connected to worship.

Fifth, we hope that churches will get (better) connected to the larger community of faith.

Over the next few months I will write a post about each of those hoped-for connections.

For now, I hope that we will all get connected to the fact that, when you place your literature order for the January–April 2016 trimester, you’ll order Connections rather than Uniform!


Michael Ruffin is husband to Debra and father to Joshua (Michelle) and Sara (Benjamin). A graduate of Mercer University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he has previously served as a pastor and as a university professor. He lives on the Ruffin Family Farm in Yatesville, Georgia. You can visit and communicate with him at He is the Uniform (soon to be Connections) Series Curriculum Editor.

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